GoDaddy launches mobile app for domain investors

GoDaddy Launches Mobile App For Domain Investors

It’s a no-brainer that GoDaddy is one of the world beaters when it comes to domain names selling and buying business. Recently, the firm announced that it had released a domain app for investors which becomes the first of its kind in the current market.

The GoDaddy Investor App will be available for both Android and iOS users and is aimed at ensuring that investors keep track of domain auctions and even bid on them using it.

Of course the aftermarket domain name auctions continue to become more competitive by the day which makes it a challenge for investors to make the right purchases. As such, the possibility of accessing the auctions from any place and at any time as projected with the launch of this app will mean the process becomes more convenient even for the experienced investors.

What You Get With GoDaddy Investor App

– Access to domain auctions in real-time
As an investor, you will now be able to follow up a domain name auction for the active expiry domains right as the process takes place. This will help you to remain updated and thus minimize chances of missing out on feasible deals you’d like to catch.

– Get real time feedback on your bids
Understanding how your bid is fairing on the auction will go a long way in ensuring your success or failure in the aftermarket domain auction. For this reason, being able to get real-time feedback on whether your bid is still winning or has been outbid will come in very handy. GoDaddy Investor App offers you this sort of feedback having added an option of push notifications to alert you on everything regarding your bid.

– Offers you an insight into the auction
As an investor, it’s always crucial to keep up with everything taking place at the auction. As such, you probably would like to evaluate how the auction has been fairing lately while still tracking several domain auction deals. Besides, you probably also want to know how other bidders are doing and how many are in contention for a particular domain auction. The GoDaddy Investor App will assist you remain informed on all these aspects and thus help improve your decision making process.

– View auctions and watch list much better
The up-to-date visual dashboard that the GoDaddy Investor App comes with will significantly improve how well you track your auction activities. As such, this dashboard will allow you get real-time information on how many auctions have been gained by fellow investors, how your bids are doing, etc.

– Easy placement of proxy bids
You can now easily put a proxy bid on your preferred domain thanks to this newly launched app.

– Re-authenticate Using Touch ID or Auctions PIN
To enhance the safety of your domain purchases, you can now safely re-authenticate using Touch ID (for iOS users) or Auction PIN (available for both iOS and Android users).

To install the GoDaddy Investor App on your device, you will need to have an iPhone or iPad that has iOS 8 and above or an Android phone with version 4.1 and above. Important to mention is that the app is currently available for the English-speaking market alone.

  • You can download GoDaddy Investor for iOS here.
  • You can download GoDaddy Investor for Android here.

How To Use The GoDaddy Investor App (Steps)

  1. You will first be required to log on to your GoDaddy Account. Alternatively, you can use your authentication code if you have the two-step authentication setup.
  2. The next step involves creating your secret account PIN which will henceforth serve as your auction PIN. This 4-number PIN will be needed every time you need to place a bid using the app. Alternatively, you can also use the Touch ID which recognizes your finger prints if your device supports the feature.
  3. At this point, you are now free to begin making your investments. It’s, however, vital to understand that you can only add new domain names to your watch list by first adding them via the web interface provided by the GoDaddy Investor App.


With this launch of the GoDaddy Investor App, GoDaddy continues to show its commitment towards making it easier for small businesses to run websites as well as invest in the lucrative domain name economy. It’s no wonder that the company has recorded a significant growth over the past year, growing to over 13 million customers worldwide and over 61 million domain names under its watch.

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