How can you setup the GoDaddy email on the Iphone?

godaddy email on the iphoneHaving an email account in Godaddy is a good option for having contact. There is possibility for you to add the Godaddy email that you have acquired to your iPhone. When you add this to your iPhone it becomes much convenient to you as you get the possibility for sending as well as receiving emails to the account from the phone itself. This can work in similar fashion as if you have logged on with Godaddy. This is something that is really good for the individuals who handle businesses.
You can save quite a lot of time and also can take care of the email account you have with Godaddy even when you are traveling. This also helps you in ensuring that none of important mails are also missed by you. You need to make use of setting options that is available on your iPhone for setting up the Godaddy mail.

How Can You Setup the GoDaddy Email On The Iphone?

GoDaddy email on iphone
Step 1
Take the workspace login page of Godaddy and then login to it. Make sure that you use the correct email id and password that you have registered with them when you are login in. You can then get redirected to the page entitled email setup center. You need to then copy information that you can get from the section names Email server settings. This can help you in finding out whether you have got POP or IMAP.
This can also help you in getting both incoming and outgoing information from the server.

Step 2
From the home screen of iPhone, tap the settings. In that you need to tap calendars, contact, mail and also add account option. This can redirect to the window of Add Account.
This is the place where you can set up Godaddy email with iPhone.

Step 3
You need to scroll down towards bottom of list and then tap other option. You need to tap the Add mail account and then type the necessary information which include the password and email address that you possess. You just need to then tap on the next button for continuing with the process.
Make sure that you enter the right values in the right fields for avoiding any kind of confusions.

Step 4
You can tap over POP or IMAP option that you get from the screen through which you can type the information about incoming server. If you are having server of the kind POP then enter and in the case of possessing IMAP server you need to type

Step 5
This information should be entered to the field username that you can see in this window. You can then again enter the email password in this. You need to then tap next then to save.
This action can finish the setting up of Godaddy email account in the iPhone that you possess.

Step 6
Now that all the process is done and you just need to go to home screen and then tap over mail for seeing the Godaddy account.

Video: How to setup GoDaddy Email on an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch?

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