GoDaddy offering office 365 hosted e-mail

GoDaddy offering office 365
Microsoft and the famous web hosting service provider GoDaddy have been partners for a long time and they have done great things together as far as email services are concerned. This year is no different, as the dynamic duo has rolled out their new office 365 that is a cloud-based service for small businesses.

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Office 365 is not a new word since Microsoft has been using it for a while but their partnership with GoDaddy will improve the already great service. This idea came from a research done by Microsoft and they concluded that there are millions of small businesses that are being left behind economically simply because they lack ways of implementing and managing great business-class tools and services.

According to the research, if small businesses had access to quality IT tools and management they could compete fairly with their bigger counterparts, make more revenue and even create more employment opportunities.

The office 365 is mostly meant for small businesses that already have hosted email service with GoDaddy. This is not to say those businesses, which do not use GoDaddy, cannot use this service, but being GoDaddy customers make things much easier. The service is being launched in the USA and Canadian market first before it goes on to other parts. It offers access to Exchange, Lync applications and SharePoint over the internet.

Advantages of New Office 365

    • The idea behind this service is to add professionalism on business emails which Gmail and outlook are said to lack so the email can be used anywhere in the world. It is now easy to attach your domain name to the office 365.
    • You can also buy a domain name through office 365 using an integration wizard. This process is not new but it has been simplified.
    • Microsoft will be maintaining the infrastructure and an application of the office 365. This means you have all the expertise and experience of Microsoft’s IT people at your service.
    • There will be regular updates of its tools so the customers will always have the most current and freshest version of office 365 service.
    • GoDaddy will be providing a 24/7 live support to all their 365 customers through its administrative panel.
    • It is extremely easy to set up the account and the email by just following the prompts and the set-up guide.

Plans and Pricing:

GoDaddy Offering Office 365 Plans and Pricing GoDaddy is launching 3 tiers of office 365 ranging from 3 to 12 dollars per user per month and need a full year commitment. The three plans are:

  • Email Essentials: This is the plan most suitable for small businesses. The company is able to set up an email using their own domain and let customers sync email, contacts and calendar across platforms. It comes with storage of 5GB and 2GB of SkyDrive Pro cloud storage. The email essential plan is the major change in the old Microsoft office 365 and the most important feature that the two partners came up with together. Its price is 3.99 dollars per user month.
  • Business Essentials: This plan is very similar to the Microsoft office 365. It has email storage of 50GB and SkyDrive Pro storage of up to 25GB. On top of this, you can have online meetings with Lync online and HD video conferencing. You also have online access to Office Web Apps. The business essentials plan goes for 8.99 dollars per user month.
  • Productivity Plus: At 12.50 dollars, customers can get the best office 365 plan that is a full Microsoft desktop suite. With this plan, you can install this suite on five different computers that are on local range and on tablets and smart phones using Windows, iOS, and Android.

As noted above, these prices are for annual commitment only. However, small businesses can pay monthly and pay an extra dollar per month on whichever plan they choose.

Steps to Move to Hosted Exchange

  1. It is recommended that one have their hosted email service in GoDaddy.
  2. Set up the office 365 account by following the prompts.
  3. Set up the email either by yourself or with the help of your domain provider who will guide you through everything you need. This is why it is important to be GoDaddy customers.
  4. Use outlook or mail control panel to add your office 365 account.
  5. Migrate all your emails by dragging and dropping them from POP to your new office 365 account. Make sure you include outbox, draft and sent items.
  6. Copy over all your appointments, tasks and calendar.
  7. Remove your POP account from outlook account settings. You now officially have a cloud email.
  8. Go through the system and learn everything about it by clicking and trying around things.
  9. Arrange your documents according to departments. For example sales, accounts, human resource and so forth.
  10. If you want to share files, there is a sites function in office 365 that is great in SharePoint.
  11. The OneDrive Pro available in the new office 365 makes it incredibly easy to synchronize files and not lose any changes in the process.

The GoDaddy office 365 service is a great way in helping small businesses move to the next level. Apart from just offering business class emails, instant messages and shared calendar, it also provides online conferencing and access to updated files. The fact that this service is cloud based is very convenient because business people can travel and still access their files on air, at home and even abroad not to mention they can do this on different devices not just personal computers. The most amazing feature of office 365 is that it has inbuilt security components that keep away spam, malware, phishing attacks and other threats by deflecting them.

In conclusion, Microsoft and GoDaddy are two of the most reputable and famous companies in the world one in providing world class software and the other in web hosting and domain name registration. The partnership of these two world movers to create a service is indeed nothing less of genius. They have put the most intelligent heads in the world together to come up with an amazing service that will take care of small businesses all over the world at lower prices. This is to ensure that the user benefits from the program as much as possible.

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