GoDaddy premium dns review

GoDaddy Premium DNS Review

GoDaddy premium dnsIn case you are looking for a service that ensures your website is always secure and online, GoDaddy Premium DNS will be your best choice. Premium DNS is specifically designed for business organizations and individuals who want to boost website performance, eliminate security gaps and ensure improved performance. GoDaddy highlights this option with innovative features, which are very easy and convenient to use. In this review, we have discussed the service in detail.

Enhanced Security

Premium DNS features DNSSEC. This security feature forms a long, indestructible chain between a visitor’s browser and your server. Since hijacking is a major concern related to most DNS systems around the world, this security feature is very important.

If your system is under attack, hijackers can use the DNS system to easily access your confidential information. This service from GoDaddy makes sure all your visitors arrive at the website, and don’t see any malicious pages created by hackers.

Premium DNS can also prevent hackers from stealing confidential and financial information, such as credit card details. With this high end system, hackers can’t listen to login, messages and passwords. This makes your website more secure for online visitors.

Improved Reliability

Another key feature that makes this service is exceptional is the improved reliability. The service makes sure your visitors can easily access the website whenever they want. It uses the advanced Any cast Global Network that provides you with redundancy layers.

In simple terms, the DNS information is distributed to many different parts around the world across Europe, Asia, and the United States. This makes sure your website remains available even when a server goes down.

Better Performance

Better PerformanceFor people who want improved performance, GoDaddy Premium DNS is a service that can help you receive faster responses on the website. In case your visitors complain about any delays on visiting your website, Premium DNS provides you with the perfect solution.

The service relies on high quality infrastructure. This allows you to benefit from faster resolution and improved security as compared to basic infrastructure. Since information is properly distributed on multiple DNS servers, you receive better responses.

GoDaddy Premium DNS Features

This particular DNS system comes with a wide range of easy management tools. With these tools, you can easily manage a lot of domains. In addition to this, you can come up with several templates using simple configurations. This makes it effortless to get any domain updates.

With Premium DNS, GoDaddy has also simplified error checking. Therefore, you don’t require any expertise to check the errors on the DNS system. The service features error checking and simplifies the entire process.

With Premium DNS service, GoDaddy allows multiple users to easily monitor all kinds of changes that they tend to make on your system. In addition to this, you also receive exceptional customer support throughout the day.


Premium DNS costs $2.39 per month. If you subscribe for 12 months, it will cost you $2.99. You get unlimited domains for a single price. I recommend you using GoDaddy promo code for get lower price for Premium DNS.

What Makes GoDaddy Premium DNS Different?

In case you are making a choice between Premium DNS and some other service, you need to consider various features. All the innovative features in this service make Premium DNS stand apart from the competition. One of the best features about Premium DNS is that you receive unlimited zones or domains, while other services offer only between 1 to 10.

Since the maximum records of the service are unlimited, and you receive more than 5,000,000 queries per month, it is a significant benefit. Other services offers only 1,000,000 queries per month. Most importantly, you don’t have to worry about any fees with this service. Some other unique features of this service include :

● Secondary DNS
● Excellent Customer Support
● Multi User Logins
● Groups
● Bulk Import / Export and Updates
● Bulk Updates
● Advanced Reporting
● Web Forwarding
● Templates and more


If you go through numerous reviews on the Internet, it is clear that GoDaddy Premium DNS will be your best choice. If you are looking for a service that offers good value for money, GoDaddy Premium will be the perfect choice. It offers improved performance, faster speeds and better price. Most importantly, it makes everything easily accessible and more secure.

With this specific service, all the information is placed on a universal network. This allows users to find particular information you provide on the website at their convenience. With enhanced security features, you can also protect your visitors, and make sure their financial and person information is safe.

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gaurav tandon

Great explanation of premium dns from godaddy , now i think i should buy it for atleast 1 year. However currently if i go for ultimate hosting plan, it is free of cost 🙂