GoDaddy Pro Service targets web developers

GoDaddy Pro Service
GoDaddy, a leading web hosting guru, is used to targeting small online businesses that present the prospect of minimal technical needs.
However, GoDaddy is now aiming at catering to a group of professionals that the company admits has never really shown any interest in its services before with one of their latest products dubbed GoDaddy Pro service offering’.

The group in question is an estimated 6 million independent web developers and designers many of them being full-time and freelance who, GoDaddy says, create and maintain the websites for close to 60% of small businesses. These professionals often lack a dependable web hosting service they can rely on. this forces them to end up disappointing their clients now and then. The company is in the process of targeting this market with a new service they call GoDaddy Pro. GoDaddy Pro offers a high level of support services that are all aimed at the web development audience.

The official release on the company website by Senior VP and General Manager of web hosting Jeff King explains it this way:

Web designers and developers often manage up to 5 websites at a time for several clients. Therefore their needs may differ from general web hosting customers. Web developers and web designers are critical to GoDaddy’s success. Our company is doing everything possible to learn about how to help them meet their needs as well as their clients’ needs. The new products available are thanks to a direct collaboration with many of our customers in the form of conversations. GoDaddy knows the amount of work ahead and that this is just the beginning.

The New GoDaddy Pro Service Can Meet Greater Technical Demands

This service is naturally more technical than what baseline customers of GoDaddy get. Don’t get me wrong, baseline customers get the very best services, but this one might be a little too advanced for their problems. That is why it is geared toward helping web design professionals specifically.

Some of the Pro-level services include:

These new plans handle more technical tasks on a deeper level. These tasks include: backups, staging, disaster recovery, automated OS patching, root access, cloning, and other services all aimed at the company’s new target audience.

Moreover, there are 3 levels of service: fully managed, managed, and self-managed. Each of them requires less levels of effort on the part of the web professional’s client. The fully managed services include everything ranging from security, monitoring and access to a dedicated 24/7 support team.

Not the Only Player Holding An Ace

GoDaddy is not the first company that has set on targeting web designers and web developers specifically. Popular brands like BlueHost, HostGator, and Rackspace have been in the game for a long time now and have dedicated customers that enjoy their services. However, GoDaddy seems to be taking the crown by attempting to position itself as the best by offering a wide array of services as compared to its competitors. One such service is the fast speeds for web hosting that this company offers.

GoDaddy also says that, with the help Media Temple, a company they acquired last year, it has managed to completely overhaul its customer support program.

This overhaul includes equipping customer service reps with adequate training on the latest technology as well as tools needed to provide support to clients who may have advanced technical needs. The training also includes a new certification program. The company says its customer service reps must train so as to understand everything the new products are about before they can assist clients. Everyone needs a customer support line they can depend on. When your world comes crashing down at 2am you need to know that you can call someone who can tell you what the problem is. This confidence is something that GoDaddy can present you with. Their certification program guarantees it.

When you think about the pricing, GoDaddy is the most affordable in the current market. Think of its WordPress hosting services that go for $19.99 per month and then compare it to WP Engine Professionals whose services you will receive if you can part with just $99.99. both of the two provide you with the same list of advantages, but one stands out having high performance and response time. Choose your pick.

What is the GoDaddy Pro ?

GoDaddy Pro is for designers and developers, because you will definitely need an effortless client management. We will show you some of the benefits if you purchase this service

GoDaddy Pro Service
The first one is Client Access Tools. This tool comes with three features: Admin Account Access, Client Product Dashboard and Activity feed. This means, you will never again have to look for a client’s password, but you will have a secure admin access and you can connect automatically to your client’s accounts in no time. You can always see what products your clients have and what they need and you can easily manage it from your dashboard. And the Activity Feed will organize your client’s history in one place.

Site Monitoring is another time consuming feature. Once you set a client website you do not want to waste your time monitoring it all the time. Site Monitoring will keep an eye on site performance so you will always know the client website uptime and site speed, and you will also get alerted if there are some issues that need to be fixed even before your client notices them.

You can also avoid client product mix-ups, ad at the same time you can avoid payment and billing issues with this Simplified Shopping feature. As a client, you will be send a shopping cart with what you need so there won’t be any mistakes and returns. There are also payment options, which means you can purchase products with your card, you can also use your client`s card on file or your clients can pay for themselves.

If you are a professional in your field that that means that you have higher standards as well. So we will make it easier for you by delivering the best support reps, only dedicate numbers, there won`t be any call queues, or if there are they will be really short. Also there is a live chat and a very quick support ticket resolution.

Pros-only Exclusive is also another feature, which means you will get special discounts, also content and access to some special events. There are always big discounts for pros. They always get the lowest price on GoDaddy products, there is always a minimum of 30% off on regular retail. You have the option to choose to keep it for yourself or to give them to someone as a present, it is totally up to you. You will also get exclusive invites to some industry events, which can be a great opportunity if you are just beginning your business, or if you already own an established business, either way this is a great way to meet new clients.

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