Creating an online business with GoDaddy Quick Shopping Cart

GoDaddy Quick Shopping CartIf you are a business operating over the web, then you must make the shopping experience of your customers simple and stress-free. This takes as to the idea of shopping carts. It lets customers search and buy items online from a nicely organized store. They can always come back for more!

GoDaddy currently has one of the best eCommerce shopping cart software to help you create an attractive yet fully-functional store built with various payment and shipping plans to meet your needs and those of your customers. The main advantage of this software is that it lets you easily build and customize your eCommerce shopping cart effortlessly.

Features & Functionality

GoDaddy Quick Shopping Cart
GoDaddy Quick Shopping Cart
  • GoDaddy has specialized in developing a shopping cart software that lets you go into serious business immediately. With 800 templates, users can create over 1,500 different designs to address the needs of online shoppers. With GoDaddy Quick Shopping Cart, you can also include your business’ logo and other related images.
  • The software also lets users integrate it with their existing website, instead of creating a new website all over again to work with. Furthermore, the software automatically submits your products to Google, plus it customizes your store for browsing on mobile devices.
  • More emphasis has been put on integration, so it works well with Quickbooks, PayPal, Merchant Service, VeloCT and many others. GoDaddy also has an efficient managing feature that lets users receive new orders and inventory. They can search, filter or export orders. Furthermore, they can easily track inventory or even receive new notification.
  • Security features come in form of a free SSL certificate to allow shoppers securely process their credit card payment information. There’s also free hosting, coupled with level 1 PCI certificate to help protect your store and also back it up. The software also supports IP matching, which means that there will be no form of background fraud when you use it.
  • The reporting feature is equally sound, for it reports accurately and lets the store owner assess the financial health of his eCommerce store. This shopping cart from GoDaddy lets you generate sales, keywords, shipment, as well as crucial reports among others. You can also filter the reports according to specific data on browser used. There’s an FAQ section that answers all question, and also a live technical support to answer all questions you may have.

Benefits of using GoDaddy’s eCommerce shopping cart

Benefits of using GoDaddy’s eCommerce shopping cart
It has many features at a low price. It comes with numerous template designs to help you choose the one that fits your business well. Then there’s also instant integration which ensures that your business is up and running without wasting time. There are many ways your customers can pay you. For example, they can use eChecks, credit cards, and so forth.

  • It supports shipping to many destinations, say over 100 countries. U.S, Canada and Mexico are included. You can reach customers through social media shares, search engines and customer ratings/reviews. Again, it supports Google integration, Bing ad credit and Ebay listing to increase your exposure. There’s a 24 hour active support to help you with your questions.
  • There are many eCommerce software in the market, but GoDaddy is just one of the cheapest with many features. The only problem is that there’s no free trial with this software. Other constraints may also force you to upgrade.

Final words

With this GoDaddy eCommerce application, you can set up your online business quickly. It has all the basic features you’ll ever need to run an online business. If you want to gain experience in the eCommerce industry, this software is just for you.

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