Godaddy refund policy

Godaddy Refund PolicyGoDaddy is considered to be one of the best service providers that’s also considered to be the largest name registrar, worldwide.
Also, it offers a refund policy – Money Back Guarantee- that allows its user to try the product or services offered without any worries at all. However, if you’re not satisfied with their services after the registration process, you could always cancel your subscription and you’ll get the whole refund, without any questions asked.
GoDaddy has a wide range of services in regard to their refund policy, and here are some of them.

The general rules for products and services at GoDaddy are the following
* If you’re not satisfied, you could always request for a refund within 45 days after making your initial payment– and it should be the yearly subscription. On the other hand, with monthly payment orders, you must request for a refund within 48 hours.

* If you’ve exceeded the 45 days duration, it’s still possible to request for one, but this would depend on the time that’s left in your subscription. You’ll receive an In-store Credit for this. Unfortunately, they wouldn’t give you cash, and you could only use credit for items on GoDaddy website.

* We recommend that you contact the support team as soon as you request for a refund. This would ensure that it has been executed in a timely manner. Also, this would allow the customer support to cancel the products and services you are subscribed to.

* It’s important that all refund requests have a specific reason as to why you’re asking for them. Also, you should specify if you’ll prefer an In-store Credit or not.

Godaddy Refund Policy

The products and services that qualify for a refund
* Business Registration
* Office 365
* Calendar
* Hosting (all plans are accepted)
* CashParking
* Certified Domains
* Domain backorders
* Discount Domain Club (This would be non-refundable in case that it’s used with a very recent purchase or renewal).
* Domain Transfers
* Express Email Marketing
* Get Found
* E-mail
* Fax Thru Email
* Online Photo Album
* Online Storage
* Reseller Accounts
* Quick Shopping Cart
* Website Protection
* Search Engine Visibility
* SiteLock
* Website Builder

Each product has a specific refund policy

* Ad Spend
Unfortunately, with the Search Engine Visibility service, you couldn’t get a full refund, but only the current month where you were using it, and not the subsequent month.
* Domain by Proxy
In order to qualify for this type of refund, you should cancel your domain within 5 days after purchase. However, if you’ve accidentally extended your subscription, you could ask for a refund within 30 days of renewal.
* Assisted Service
You’re allowed to get a refund within the first quarter.
* Domain Registration
This could be used in the cancellation and payment request that were accomplished within the first five days of sign up.
The refund duration for each domain sites
* – 2 days
* Idv.,, .tw- 4 days
*, .cn,., 15 days
*mx, 45 days
The following domain types are not part of the refund policy, even if they were canceled. Here are some of them.
– at
– am
– .br (including and
– be
– .eu
– .de
– es (including,, and
– .fr
– fm
– .it
– .gs
– ms
– .in
– .jp
– nu
– .nl
– .se
– nz (including,, and
– .TK
– tc
– tw
– .vg
– .uk (including,, and

Automatic Renewal
If the subscription was canceled after 45 days, this would be an exception.
Likewise, if it was extended for several years, you could ask for a refund within 4 days after its expiration date.

Domain Renewal
This could qualify for a refund if canceled within 5 days after renewal.

Featured Auction Listings
If there weren’t any bids within 24 hours, you could ask for a refund.

GoDaddy’s Auctions: Additional Categories
If there weren’t any bids within 48 hours, you could ask for a refund.

Premium DNS
A refund is possible within the first 5 days after making a purchase.

SSL Certificates and Renewals
All SSL certificates, whether used or not, could get a full-refund within the first 45 days. However, after 45 days, you could still get a Print Score Credit, depending on your time left.

Protection Registration
A refund is possible within 5 days after making a purchase.

Products that aren’t qualified for a refund

* Appraisals
* Domain Buy Service
* Domain Monitoring
* Expert Services
* Paid Apps Hosting Connection
* Auction Memberships
* Professional Web Design Services
* Office Max Bundles
* Merchant Accounts
* Premium Domain Names
* Hosting Services
* Redemption Fees
* Domain Auctions

Submitting a Refund Claim

Truth be told, GoDaddy could be one of the most difficult companies to contact, especially when you need them the most. Back then, you could submit a request to their email address, but it’s not used anymore.

Now, the best way would be going to their Live Chat, and wait for someone to assist you – usually between 18 to 13 hours after filing a complaint.

Also, keep in mind that the country/region to select should be the US-English.

How to Get Refund From Godaddy


  • Login Godaddy and open your product manager page
  • Click “MY RENEWS & UPGRADES”, Select “Payment & Renewing Items”
  • Select the product you want to take a refund, click Cancel Item in the topside.
  • Then the product will be removed from the product list.


Send a Ticket to Godaddy service, and write something about the refund reason. and waiting the reply from the service.


Then you will get about 4 emails from the service, including:

  • Confirmation of the service that he has received your ticket.
  • Confirmation email.
  • Refund is processing email
  • Refund processed finished email

There is no need to reply these emails, unless you delete your product by mistake.

Good luck in your refund claim!

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