GoDaddy reseller review and get latest coupon

When it comes to website hosting, GoDaddy is redoubtably one of the giants in the industry. To date, it remains one of the world biggest domain registrars and web host providers, servicing more than 45 million domain names. It also sells a wide variety of e-commerce related software and services. And to give the avid users a chance to gain profit under the service of the company, GoDaddy Reseller is made available.

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A GoDaddy Review

GoDaddy reseller review and get latest coupon
Before we go into the Reseller review of GoDaddy, it is just to be refreshed with the fundamental service of the company. The company offers a wide variety of advanced hosting features and services. One would be basic shared host server plan they so call the Economy, which comes with a storage space of 100GB, one domain with 120 emails at a reasonably cheap price of only $3.99 a month.

This is an ideal choice for those who don’t really need surplus disk space. On another hand, there’s the Deluxe Plan that provides unlimited disk space, unlimited domains, and 550 email addresses that requires a couple extra bucks per month.

In both and other plans, there’s always an SSL certificate dedicated for each and it serves for the purpose of making online payments much more secure. In addition, all GoDaddy plans come with unlimited bandwidth, as well as a vast expanse of MySQL databases.

GoDaddy Reseller Review

As discussed, GoDaddy web host plans are truly of great value which makes them one of the most trusted hosting providers around the globe. That basically means as a reseller, earning money out of the program is a real deal as the plans and other offers prove to be marketable.

The Reseller Hosting incorporates the power and flexibility of your very own server through the functionality of WHM, WHMCS, and cPanels. It commissions all web pros the capacity to establish their own web hosting company. You can build your own web hosting company.

Fundamental Features

With the Reseller hosting platform of GoDaddy, you will be able to partition the disk storage space along with the bandwidth of the main account you have registered with. This will allow you to produce individual web hosting accounts that can be instantly used by your customers. As to the amount of individual web hosting accounts to be created, that is a decision you make. And if you have more prospects on the line, you can simply upgrade to a much larger plan so that you can create more accounts to sell.

With GoDaddy’s Reseller Hosting, you can then do the following:

  • Host several website through one hosting account
  • Control the plans and features availed by your customers
  • Sell and provide hosting accounts branded under your name
  • Directly bill all your customers

Reseller Plans

GoDaddy currently offers three reseller plans: Basic, Pro and Super Reseller Plan.

Godaddy Reseller Plans

Basic Reseller Plan

  • Create your own basket of products. Choose from Site Builders, Domains+, Email, Hosting and a lot more
  • Set your very own retail price with no minimums, deposits or any advance purchase requirement
  • Get to customize websites by adding images, logos, and color customization, or simply choose from any of the ready-to-use designs available

The Pro Seller comes with the same features that of the Basic’s, with the following privileges:

  • Earn profit with pay-per-click systems through parked customer domains
  • Get a much more detailed analysis of traffic coming in and out of your own site and your customer’s websites

The same thing would go with the Super Plan

  • Of course with the major ability to sell both Basic and Proseller plans. One sale alone can prove to be very rewarding. In simpler terms, this plans holds sovereignty over both plans and the customers linked under.

Other Essentials

24/7 Support As there is no such thing as a perfect system, GoDaddy Reseller has a support team that is ready to attend to your issues through e-mail exchange or via phone call.

So, in the event that you may not be able to determine exactly what technical glitches or simple confusions one of your customers is facing, you can feel secure knowing that a fully knowledgeable tech support team is always ready to serve you.

Automated Billing and Renewal

You wouldn’t have to worry about manually charging your customers. That would be an awfully painstaking thing. You can simply set the billing dates for all your customers and encode their credit or debit accounts. They will then be automatically charged for both billing and renewal of more than 50 products under the Reseller plans.

Turnkey Website Creation

While earning under your web host distribution, you can also maximize your time by creating new e-commerce sites that are integrated with virtual carts and credit card processors, which allows easy site shopping on your customer’s end.

Marketing Tools

Your main account as well as the accounts you distribute to your customers can all enjoy email marketing service, email and press release ready-made designs, and advertise tracking.

The 60 Day Rule

One of the main reasons why GoDaddy is a reputable web host provider, and now Reseller plans provider, is the fact that they are fully in compliance with the ICANN. So, they have set up a 60-day rule which will suggest the different web addresses that your customers can reroute to in order to avoid being identical to other site names. When the 60-day term has been succeeded, the site name remains final.

The Pricing

Subscription rates will vary from one reseller plan to another. There are also variations as to the fixed monthly subscription rate based on the term you settle to.

So, while the original rates would be 934.99 for the Basic, 659.99 for the Pro and 746.99 for the Super, if a one-year term is picked for either of the three, curbed rates can be availed through two-year, three-year or other longer term contracts. If you’re up for the long haul, the 60-month reseller term would be the most ideal one as it saves you 15% of the monthly fees.

If you want to have a much larger income stream, GoDaddy’s Reseller Plans are totally worth the shot. Any of the plans will totally give you more outlets to earn by having the liberty to create as many hosting accounts to sell as you want, each having the most reliable features for proper website functionality.

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