GoDaddy VPS hosting review

godaddyOne of the systems that a lot of businesses are subscribing to lately is the VPS hosting. It’s a one of a kind hosting service that uses virtual private servers in order to give the users, as well as their websites the best hosting services one can even think of.
Basically, the websites are all hosted and monitored on a single physical machine that has the sole responsibility of allowing the websites to operate and run smoothly. Likewise, the VPS is exclusively designed to allow every website to work independently, without experiencing any kind of interference.

After giving you a short overview about VPS, we’re going to discuss about one of the most popular hosting services available, the GoDaddy VPS hosting service. In this review, we’ll focus on the price, plans, speed, technical support, server resources, and uptime.

In order to give you a better idea of what you can expect with GoDaddy VPS hosting plans, we’re here to present a detailed information about this web hosting service. This would help the customer determine if GoDaddy VPS hosting service would meet their expectations and would be ideal for their business.
godaddy vps hosting

Plans and Price

GoDaddy offers both 5 plans of Windows and Linux VPS each. However, in this review, we’ll only focus on the Linux VPS of Value, Economy, and Deluxe, mainly because these are considered to be more popular and affordable than the other plans GoDaddy has.

The monthly plan starts from $23.99 and it has a 1GB RAM, 1,000 GB/monthly bandwidth, and 40 GB storage.

Economy Plan:

  • The economy plan has 1GB RAM; 40 GB disk space; 1,000 GB/mo bandwidth; $31.19/24 months; $35.99/12 months; $38.99/month.

Value Plan:

  • The value plan has 2GB RAM; 60 GB disk space; 2,000 GB/mo bandwidth; $41.19/24 months; $46.79/12 months; $51.99/month.

Deluxe Plan:

  • The deluxe plan has 3GB RAM; 90 GB disk space; 3,000 GB/mo bandwidth; $62.39/24 months; $70.19/12 months; $77.99/month.

The plans mentioned above look very affordable if we wouldn’t consider the additional charges for cPanel control panel and FTP backups. As a matter of fact, if you’ll compare it with other hosting services, such as BlueHost, it’s considered to be relatively cheaper.
The BlueHost’s Standard VPS plan is comprised of 1TB/mo bandwidth, 2Gb RAM, 1 free domain name, 30 GB disk space, 1 enhanced cPanel and WHM, and 1 dedicated IP for $23.99/month.

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Aside from the disk space, RAM, and bandwidth being offered for different plans, all VPS plans of GoDaddy have free 10 Fotolia credits, rapid setup, bandwidth overage protection, 3 dedicated IPs, free SSL certificate, and a lot more.

Features of the VPS Hosting
GoDaddy became quite popular, mainly because of its quality features. Some of these are the following:

  •  A wide amount of storage space for users.
  •  24-hour customer support for issues and problems about the service.
  •  The advertising information on the user’s website would be provided.

Furthermore, each VPS plan has the following advanced features:

  • The Operating System could be CentOS Version 6.4, Fedora Version, or Windows 2008 Standard 64-bit. These are the popular choices, especially to those who are looking for a stable version of Windows and Linux that showcases enterprise-level reliability.
  • Exclusive Server Concierge that allows the server to stay accessible and run smoothly.
  • Admin access, allowing the users to easily install and run anything on the server with ease.
  • The ability to manage several websites all at once.
  • Versatility that allows the user to access the server for several purposes, such as gaming, hosting of traffic-intensive websites, and even virtual hosting.

However, despite this remarkable feature, GoDaddy VPS hosting is still semi-managed. Which only implies that it doesn’t have FTP accounts, nor the control panel by default, unless bought separately.


We could say that VPS plans of GoDaddy are still slightly limited. For one, it doesn’t have a cPanel or any other forms of control panel by default. Which only indicates that the customers should have the basic knowledge on Windows or Linux whenever they’re using the servers. However, if you’re interested in having an easy-to-use control panel, you could purchase it for $10/mo for cPanel and $5/mo for Plesk.

Furthermore, GoDaddy doesn’t have a backup service. Thus, you need to perform your data backups manually. Also, for customers who are not skilled enough and is incapable of creating a backup, they could subscribe to a 15GB FTP backup for $3.99/month.


Upon monitoring the server uptime of GoDaddy in the past month, we’ve discovered that the VPS delivers around 99.93% uptime on average. This somewhat admirable, but still a little far behind than the guaranteed 99.9% uptime.


In regard with its customer support GoDaddy offer a 24/7 customer service. They give an assurance that their support team is composed of experienced technical support that has the ability to help the customers with their issues and problems, such as unreachable server, password reset, setup process, and so on.

However, for any questions about server configuration, database settings, and domain name management, GoDaddy wouldn’t take responsibility for this. If customers are in need of assistance and support for these problems, it’s advisable to upgrade the customer service to premium package that’s $200/mo.


Just like the in-depth review mentioned above, GoDaddy VPS is one of the most affordable and easy to manage hosting service. In fact, it’s not only for technicians, even normal people who desire to maintain a web hosting service could use GoDaddy with ease.

However, even though it’s considered to be really outstanding, it’s still not recommended by some– especially for those who have little to none technical knowledge, as well as for those who are looking for a very affordable web hosting service. Lastly, we do suggest that you should only choose a VPS hosting service that’s capable of providing the kind of features you really need, instead of opting for one that’s very affordable, yet limited. We hope that this review helped you realize if GoDaddy could be your hosting service or not.

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