A comprehensive review of GoDaddy website builder 2016

GoDaddy is quite popular largely due to its relatively affordable web hosting services. Additionally, GoDaddy provides an awesome website builder. It offers you with enormous bandwidth and storage. Perhaps the best part about this hosting giant is that it does not limit how many pages to host on your site. Also, you get domain registration at a bargain.

GoDaddy website builder guides you through an easy step by step process to ensure that you feel the web presence live. Initially, you’ll be required to select domain whereby you can choose a domain that is registered under GoDaddy or with any other registrar. In the next step, the website builder dialog will inform you that you only three steps remain for you to complete setting up your site. Later on, you need to select a theme of your choice which is customizable then click publish.
A Comprehensive Review Of GoDaddy Website Builder



  • You can enjoy full-time live chat as well as email support.
  • Professional design themes that are incredibly easy to use.
  • You can create some backup points as well as a restore function



  • No free trials are offered for the website builder
  • If you’re looking to change your website theme, you’ll have to start from scratch
  • It doesn’t have a wide variety of full–featured platforms such as Wix

Check out this video by GoDaddy to learn how you can choose a domain.

GoDaddy will also show you a short video (1 minute) that will explain to you on the many site customization options that are at your disposal. Then, you will fill a form of business-type info and contact. Their site editing interface is just easy and intuitive with a single column toolbar that has elements such as share buttons, maps, shapes, video, and images.

At the top is a header where all site actions such as undo, publish, preview and add pages can be controlled. About setting menu, all you need is to add a favicon and turn on social sharing buttons.


GoDaddy Website Builder

Setting Up

The most surprising thing about GoDaddy is that you have the provision to save and preview your site even before publishing it. This means that you can preview the site in the exact same window as the editor. In fact, you can view the window on either desktop or mobile formats. After clicking publish, a dialog box offers your site link as well as buttons that you can use to share on social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Your site has an automatic backup meaning if you mistakenly make changes, you can retrieve all previous settings for your site.

Drag and drop

Drag and Drop
Drag and drop is virtually supported for all features. As you drag the elements, various guides will appear to assist you in doing your work effortlessly. The Undo and redo feature are very important as it helps to do any change you need on your work. Apart from that, you can add pages in a very simple way, but then you will get blank ones.


This is perhaps the second best part about of GoDaddy Website Builder. The website builder offers you numerous photographic items with your preferred theme. In fact, any photo that you upload is automatically saved in your cloud storage for any future use in your page.

You will also access an amazing photo editing tool which is freely provided to you by Aviary. It’s also incredibly simple to add photo galleries and even customize them.

You are provided with six editing styles with the customization of pixel sizes for the thumbnails and spacing.

This video will tell you how easy it is to add images, slideshows and photo galleries to your website.

How to pay for a web store?

How to pay for a web store
To own a personalized web store that includes your checkout page, marketing features, and shipping info, you will be required to open another GoDaddy online store account which goes for around $9.99 every month. You only then add PayPal buttons which means that your visitors can now send you money. Also, you can add an online price menu and a reviews module where your visitors can leave comments.

Blogging and social

Blogging and social
Everyone would fancy having a follow and share button in their business plan; GoDaddy offers the buttons. This way, you can sync the account with your Facebook page or even the Twitter profile.


If you’re targeting mobile device users, feel free to can ask GoDaddy website builder to help you in reformatting the page for mobile view which will then allow you to see how it will work. However, you cannot customize the view of your site on your mobile device. This means that it is impossible to display various features that are on the desktop. However, the mobile version has its advantages in that it provides buttons such as a provision to call an associated phone number.


On the Web Builder dashboard, it is possible to determine how much traffic your site is getting as it shows the number of site visitors by day, month or year. Additionally, you can also measure the average traffic as well. Also, the site displays a pie chat for top referrers and a valuable heat map that shows your visitors’ location. Amazingly, it shows the top 5 towns with most visitors.


There are 18 categories of themes from which you can select for your online business.


It offers you with three plans with all of them involving domain registration. However, none of them has an online store. If you want an online store, you will have to create a separate account of the online store.

Personal plan

This plan offers a 1GB storage and another 150GB bandwidth that offers 50 themes. For this plan, you will pay $1 monthly.

Business plan

For a 10GB storage as well as 500GB of bandwidth which comes with 300 themes and five email addresses on top, you pay $5.99 monthly charge.

Monthly plus

For this plan, you’ll get 50GB storage, 1TB bandwidth, numerous SEO tools as well as an SSL certificate. The plan goes for just $10.99 per month with a 45-day money back guarantee.


GoDaddy Website Builder offers an excellent service that allows you to create personalized website pages, drag and drops site building, enormous storage photo editing without mentioning how easy and clear it is to use this hosting giant. You can also check GoDaddy VPS Coupons and GoDaddy renewal coupons. The builder will certainly be an amazing acquisition that will transform how you create websites henceforth.

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