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GoDaddy WordPress Web Hosting has long been a leader in domain names. More recently, they have made a concerted effort to become a leader in web hosting as well. They have so heavily marketed their GoDaddy WordPress Web Hosting, it seems like there is a buzz about it on most internet marketing forums. It’s also hard to miss their commercials targeting small business owners for setting up an easy to manage low maintenance website. For these reasons, many people are asking questions like, “Is this just marketing hype or is GoDaddy WordPress really one of the best deals on the internet for web hosting?” The following is a list of 5 Pros and 5 Cons of this well-advertised service so you can make an informed decision.

5 Pros Of GoDaddy WordPress Web Hosting

1. It Would Be Hard To Beat the Price
If you commit to a 12 month contract, you can currently get their most basic web hosting package for only $1 per month. Plus, should you choose to upgrade to get more features, you can do so without having to worry about migrating your files and reconfiguring your server.

2. Unlimited Bandwidth
Even if you have a brand new site, it is possible to have a sudden onslaught of web traffic if one of your posts happens to go viral or you get a link in a national publication. Many web hosting companies charge dearly if you go over a certain threshold of bandwidth or they simply take your site offline, the last thing you want of course! GoDaddy WordPress offers truely unlimited bandwidth at no extra charge.

3. Little To No Downtime
All too often, cheap hosting services have a lot of downtime where your site is inaccessible. This is usually due to putting too many accounts on a single server with no redundancy to guard against the fact that extra traffic on one or more of these sites may cause those sites, and the others hosted on the same server, to suddenly crash. GoDaddy built their servers with redundancy to account for this common problem and can boast about a more than 99.9 percent record of uptime.

4. Security Is High and Automatic
Most cheap hosting packages do not offer good security, making your site vulnerable to hackers and malicious competitors who don’t like to play fairly. GoDaddy has taken several measures to ensure this doesn’t happen, including DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) protection and redundant firewall protection.

5. Your Data Is Backed Up Regularly and Automatically
While many web hosting companies expect you to back up your own data, GoDaddy automatically backs up your data every night. Many business owners don’t even realize how important this is until it is too late.

5 Cons Of GoDaddy WordPress Web Hosting

1. Limits Your Storage Space and the Number Of Databases
With all but their top hosting package, GoDaddy will limit the amount of space you have to store files. Thus, if you have a website that has a lot of graphics and/or you plan to create several sites, this will storage space will limit you too much. The GoDaddy WordPress service also limits the number of databases you can create.

2. The Graphical User Interface
To work with your WordPress website (add content and work on the layout/look of your site), you use a graphical user interface. Most hosting companies use the industry standard “cPanel” which makes it much easier in terms of getting help from online tutorials when and if you decide to use advanced features of WordPress (many people do). However, GoDaddy uses a custom version of cPanel that makes certain advanced features trickier to use. For most business owners, a standard cPanel would make things simpler.

3. Privacy Issues
GoDaddy does not have the best reputation when it comes to privacy issues. For example, many people who signed up for domain name privacy through DomainsByProxy, where whois contact information is supposed to be kept private, found their private information revealed. GoDaddy also supported legislation that attempted to censor the internet, namely SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (Protect IP Act).

4. Ethical Considerations
Some people, especially women, consider many of GoDaddy’s commercials to be blatantly sexist and choose another web hosting company because they do not want to support this. Additionally, Bob Parsons, GoDaddy’s CEO, has received much negative publicity regarding the fact that he hunts and kills elephants in Africa. Many GoDaddy customers were outraged by this and moved their accounts elsewhere.

5. Complicated Registration Forms
GoDaddy is famous for trying to get you to add on various services and upgrades during the registration process. They’ll include a “no thanks” button as you navigate through all their additional offers but this link is hard to see and small link compared to opting in. For this reason, and because of other tricks they pull during the registration process, it is easy to end up paying for services you really didn’t want. To make matters worse, once you discover you have an unwanted service, it can be very difficult to have it removed and to get a refund.

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