GoDaddy’s Two Factor Authentication

GoDaddy customers who live outside the United States can now comfortably secure their accounts by enabling a two step authentication. Remember that when it comes to domains, your domain is usually your identity online and you do not want your domain to be exposed to threats.
The two step authentication recommended above is an SMS verification method where after login into your GoDaddy login page, you will be sent a code through an SMS. Thereafter, you will be asked to enter the code at the login page for you to be able to access your domain and the hosting panel.

This should not be strange to most of us since the method has been in use for a very long time. We have noticed this method being used in other accounts apart from Godday and the most popular one is its use in the banking industry. Domain names just like banks are valuable, intangible digital assets which security comes as a top priority.
This is the reason why security like this has been a must have for all domain name registers. This is the only way they can comfortably secure their accounts without having to worry about unauthorized access. Therefore, if you are interested in securing your domain names and files hosted under your GoDaddy accounts ensure you have enabled the two step-authentication method.
GoDaddy’s Two Factor Authentication Launches in 184 More Countries

How to Enable Godaddy Two-Step Authentication

The following is a step by step demonstration of how you can enable the two step authentication on your GoDaddy account:
1. Sign into your account

The first step towards enabling the two step authentication is first by signing into your GoDaddy account by entering your credentials on the Login page.

2. Select the settings

The second thing to do is you should select the settings tab which is often found at the top of the page.

3. Select security settings

The third thing to do is to click at the security settings and then select the two-step authentication. Now you are heading towards activating the two-step authentication.
3 step Authentication

4. Add

After you have selected the security settings and chose the two step authentication, now it is the time to add the two step authentication.

5. Enter cell phone number

Enter cell phone number
This is the last step towards setting up the two step authentication method. You will be required to enter your cell phone number and follow the instructions that follow.

A validation code then will be sent to your phone, fill the code in the next screen and all done. Your account is protected now.
4-step Authentication
Now your Godaddy account is more secure and less vulnerable to domain theft attacks.
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