Good domain name picking tips for your blog setup

Good domain name picking tips for your blog setup

Most people fail to understand what they need when they are setting up their blog. One of the primary requirements when setting up a blog is a good domain name. In this article, I have put down a brief description of why I think it is pertinent to have a good domain name upfront. I have also included details on how to pick a good domain name for your blog or the website and most of all; I have also included several tips on picking up domain names and general dos and don’ts.

Why pick a domain name

One of the many reasons you need to choose a good domain name is the fact that you are most likely to be stuck with the same domain name for the rest of your life. Take note that you are more likely to change the hosting provider but the domain name is going to remain the same. The reason for maintaining the same domain name is the fact that once your businesses is established and you have started receiving regular traffic, it is very hard to change your domain name since this will be like starting over and you may lose a number of clients in the process. Apart from that, you will also have to start with a 0 Google page rank, and then you will have to work your way up again. There will also be a drop in other rankings for instance the Alexa rank and other rankings will certainly drop since they are also associated with the domain name. Therefore, once you decide to pick a domain name, pick a good one that you are certain you are going to live with for the rest of your life unless otherwise.

How to Pick a Good Domain Name for Your Blog

There are no strict rules for picking a domain name. The following are the guidelines on how to pick a domain name:

  • Use keywords

A good domain names should be able to suggest what you are dealing with. This is the reason why it is usually advisable to employee the keywords on the domain name. By employing the keywords on the domain name you can be certain that a new visitor will immediately know what the site is about by just looking at the domain name. For instance, if your site is about collectibles and antiques then ensure that you get a domain name that looks like “” or “” and not

  • Easy to remember

Human beings are a unique species. They do not enjoy straining a lot especially when they are doing research. This is the main reason why you should get a site that is easy to remember so that whenever your visitors wish to revisit the site, they simply enter the domain name on the web browser. However, if the visitor cannot remember the name of your site, you run the risk of losing a number of potential traffic. The other advantage of an easy to remember domain name is the fact that it is a lot easier to spread by word of mouth since anyone can easily remember and share to other potential clients.

  • Maintain a short domain name

This fact runs down to the easy to remember point. Typically, you are mostly advised to get a domain name with less than 10 characters. This makes it easy for your clients to remember. When you have a very long domain name, it gets very confusing and hence it can be easily mistyped on the web browser.

  • Use hyphens if necessary

There are several benefits of using hyphen in your domain name. One is the fact that if your desired domain name is already taken, you can employ hyphen to differentiate your domain name from the other person’s. For instance, if you were looking forward to have but it is already taken, then employ Secondly, this also helps to improve readability and most importantly, it also helps in Search Engine rankings.

  • Domain name extension

Try as much as possible to employ the Top Level Domain which is the .com extension as it s the most popular in the market. This is especially true when you think of any website; you will realize you will first think of a .com extension before you go to .net, .org extension etc. or

There are instances where you are expected to use your name as the domain name. A example is when you are the main commodity such as being an author, a coach, speaker etc. however, if your business is based around a particular product or server, then you may be advised to use or the

Things to take note of:

  • Legal conflicts

This is one of the critical areas that you need to effectively research before making the final purchase of the domain name. It can be stressing and time wasting if you spend a lot of time building your website only to discover later than the same domain name you have bought is being used by someone else and they want to sue you over it.

  • Be on the lookout for scammers

There are a number of scammers in the market today. Ensure you buy your domain name from a registrar who is in the accredited registers list of ICANNs (also called Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers).

  • Go for Go Daddy

Go Daddy often offers cheap domain name registration but I would not recommend you buy hosting from them. In fact, read the following article before you decide to sign up for a hosting account. You can also find a cheap domain name registration with

As I mentioned earlier, these tips are not rigid. You can always add your own ideas. Use your common knowledge and always try to be reasonable while you are looking for a domain name. You can also try to be creative, as this might also help to get you good ideas for your domain name. You can conclude by giving us your best tip for choosing a good domain name and finally, please feel free to leave us your suggestion or comments below.

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