Google Cloud free $300 credit

Google cloud is a well-known direct competitor of the giants cloud computing. In that case, an Amazon web service is normally a free program three hundred dollars ($300) credit for trial within a period of 60 days of service.

Cloud computing market also is now largely in hands of the three main suppliers, that is Google, Amazon and Microsoft. In the case of adding some new customers, Google cloud is usually considered to be a unique and recommended free program which normally uses $300 within a period of 60 days.
Google Cloud Platform
With this kind of amazing free credit score, one can be in a position to use all the available services of Google Cloud.

  • Virtual machines
  • Big data solutions
  • SQL and NoSQL databases
  • Object storage
  • Application services

The required conditions that makes one to be qualified to participate is extremely simple, one just need a registered Google account ( one can use Gmail account) and one visa card or even a master card in order to link the account.

Google Cloud register HERE.

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