A comprehensive beginner’s guide to becoming a domainer

A comprehensive beginner's guide to becoming a domainerMight you be interested in becoming a domainer? Do you want to have the identifications of a domainer? Do you see yourself as a new person as far as domain names are concerned? You’ve landed in the right place to begin your journey towards becoming one.

There is enough information about this industry here. This blueprint will be of valuable assistance to you, giving you a shortcut towards understanding all the procedure of dealing with domain name. Here are some of the key steps to follow.

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1. Go to Domaining.com – register for a free account

First, you need to understand the meaning of Domaining, which is primarily a procedure through which one buys, sells, and earn from domains with an eye on gaining financially. This site sums up and sends newsletter through mails loaded with linkages to the newest articles from top most domain name blogs. Go to the top most right side of the website and click on “create an account”. Adhere to the procedure and you’ll finally have an account with ease. Give specifications as to how frequently you would need to get the newsletter, and get to know more about domaining world. With this account, you have the ability to log onto many other accounts such as BargainDomains.com (auctions), and Domainers.org, PremiumDomains.com.

2. Get to know the most sought-after niches

What is so popular in the domain industry? Currently, the list may include: travelling, sporting (especially soccer,), education, beauty etc. Be aware of what people are interested in. This would be helpful in buying cheap domains and making a killing out of them latter. Study blogs related to domains and make sure you are always aware of the top domains in the market. Read e-papers and popular sites (like Alexa.com) to find out the famous domains that are on demand.

3. Go to DNJournal.com

DNJournal.com gives the latest news on the popular domain sales each and every week on Wednesdays. As a starter domainer, you should have an application for the DNJournal.com. On that day, the editor (Ron Jackson) offers reports often on the top domain in the market. Ron has a unique way of doing it which has given him popularity within the domain investments circles globally. These top domains are found by clicking on the left side of the site. Here you will not only find the names of the top most domains, but also their categorization that reveals their popularity.

4. Go to Estibot.com

At Estibot.com, open an account, and through this, you can value the domains and get to know of search-phrases metrics. The valuation should not be the base at which one uses to purchase or sell them; its purpose should be to give information regarding a particular domain’s value. Once an individual becomes seasoned in this industry, they can rely on their feelings to value domains.
However, as a novice, you will need to use Estibot.com in order to know how a domain valuation takes place.

For example the valuation page reveals some not very impressive results for the DomainSherpa.com which it values at $35. This is not good at all in comparison to what one can get on such a site (content valuation).
On top of that, one would get a listing of other extensions. The history of sales reports are also there. One can also check out the listing to identify those domains that were sold in each category.

5. Visit Sedo.com and register

You should have the knowledge of Sedo.com as it is a very important base for trading domains and even auctioning. They have an application that can assist a domainer in getting the value of their domain (through suggesting a price).

6. Familiarize yourself with the UDRP

UDRP (Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy) is the body that deals with abuse of domains, and breaking of any trademark rules. They normally investigate and resolute in cases where there are disagreements. By visiting their site (UDRP.com), one gets to know the domains to be avoided by all means. If one has an interested in having a look at the latest and past cases, then visiting UDRPSearch.com may come in handy.

7. Get to know various Domain Name Registrar

There are three most popular domain registrars (GoDaddy, NameCheap, and 1&1 IONOS) and you may thus purchase from any of them comfortably. GoDaddy seems to be on the top, the reason being that they are cheaper as far as registration of new domains is concerned. The problem with these domain registrars is that they tend to market a lot more services to their clients which often attracts additional fees that clients might not have planned for before. For others, they more to offer extra services at a small discounted fee such as for URL forwarding or basic web pages.

8. Visit Domain Name Auctions

Visiting auctioning sites such as Sedo.com, Moniker, BargainDomains, and GoDaddy Auctions will give you the knowledge of famous domains the ones that are being purchased and by what amount. By visiting such sites, one gets to know domains that are popular as well as those that have more prospects for profits.

9. Learn how you can register valuable domain names

The tip is to have domain names registered in one word plus .and preferably those with .com extensions. Any other extensions may not offer much in terms of profit. Geographic (GEO) work-related domains such as NewYorkJobs.com, JobsWashington.com, and ChicagoJobs.com work very well in domain business. Domains work such as TeachingJobs.com, BuildingJobs.com, MechanicJobs.com, PharmacyJobs.com, and SalesJobs.com often fetch towards high prices.

Pro tip

  • You can get 99 Cent .COM domain name using the promo code at GoDaddy and 1&1 IONOS

.COM extensions will always be at the top when it comes to domain selling business.
Well, you may search for .NET: .ORG, and .US domains but it’s preferable that you give more emphasis on going for .COM domains. Products domains, resumes domains, 3D domains, services domains, and education related domains are what people are some of the most sought-after domains these days.
Specializing in this industry is key. If you cannot find a particular domain, then try looking for those that have been ignored by other people.
However, be on the lookout for good domains and don’t register those that nobody has an interest in.

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