HawkHost Coupon Codes – Recurring 25-50% Discounts January 2019

HawkHost Coupon Codes
This month, HawkHost has released a lot of new coupon codes which can help you save up to 40% on new hosting plan registration.
Every month, HawkHost gives new coupon list for all hosting packages. This month, the offer is:

Shared Hosting Coupon Codes

Exclusive 25% Recurring Discount for All Hawk Host Plans

30% Lifetime Discount for All HawkHost Hosting Plans

25% Lifetime Discount for HawkHost Shared Hosting

Discount 35% for the first bill.

Discount 35% for the first bill.

per month
  • 10,000MB Space
  • UNLIMITED Bandwidth
  • UNLIMITED Databases
  • UNLIMITED Domains
  • FREE SSL Certificate
  • FREE Migrations
  • FREE Memcached Server


Reseller Hosting Coupon Codes

25% Lifetime Discount for HawkHost Reseller Hosting

per month
  • 30GB Space
  • UNLIMITED Bandwidth
  • 100 cPanel Accounts
  • cPanel / WHM Access
  • FREE WHMCS License
  • FREE Memcached Server
per month
  • 60GB Space
  • UNLIMITED Bandwidth
  • 200 cPanel Accounts
  • cPanel / WHM Access
  • FREE WHMCS License
  • FREE Dedicated IP
  • FREE Memcached Server

Semi Dedicated Hosting Coupon Codes

25% Lifetime Discount for HawkHost Semi-Dedicated Hosting

per month
  • Unlimited Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • FREE Memcached Server
  • FREE SSL Certificate
  • SSD Powered
  • 2 Full CPUs
  • 2GB Of Memory

VPS Hosting Coupon Codes

30% Lifetime Discount for HawkHost VPS Hosting

About HawkHost

About HawkHostHawkHost(www.hawkhost.com) company is a web hosting company that was established in year 2004 as well as the company has continued in providing their best services which is outstanding in the field of hosting from all over the world. The company use to provide various services to their clients which is similar to Virtual private servers, web hosting that is semi dedicated, hosting of web sharing, web hosting reselling, along with the registration of domain with Singapore as well as Amsterdam web hosting. There are numerous data centers across the world and few of them are in Amsterdam, Dallas, San Jose, Singapore, Washington, along with the Seattle in the United States. HawkHost use to provide the service of web hosting which is world class as well as quite secure.

Reputation of the HawkHost Company

The company of HawkHost is well known for its web hosting services that provides best speed of hosting. Thus, services of hosting are somewhat reliable along with the array of different features in the process of hosting. Since inception in the year 2004, HawkHost Company is steadily growing within the industry and tries to offer good speed of hosting, best customer care, good technical support as well as reliable hosting to their customers.

Features of the HawkHost Company

The company of HawkHost web hosting comes along with four plans of hosting, and they are as follows- basic, standard, advanced as well as plan for super hosting. From all the plans of hosting clients will be entitled for unlimited databases of MySQL5, add on domains that are unlimited, sub domains, parked domains, along with accounts on e-mail. Moreover, clients will receive free web stats in all the plans along with an account of FTP which is totally free of cost and some of the free applications like Fantastical, Softaculous, as well as RV Site builders. Details of the hosting plans are as follows-

Basic plan – this plan comes with the space of 300MB space on disk along with unlimited  bandwidth space every month.
Standard plan – this plan includes 6000 MB disk space as well as unlimited bandwidth every month.
Advanced plan – 12000MB space on disk, while unlimited bandwidth each month.

Super hosting plan – in this plan 24000MB disk space is available along with unlimited  bandwidth is provided every month.
Features of the HawkHost Company

Each and every plan of hosting which are offered by the HawkHost Company will come with the best features like unlimited assessing on every e- mail accounts, web stats, SSL, FTP supports, SSH with full support for every language for programming such as Ruby on Rails, CGI, Perl, PHP 5.2, 5.3, as well as 5.4, and My SQL, optimizer of Python Zend, and the jobs for Croon. All the plans are also available with builder of free site and this will be powered by the lite speed. The hosting of such plans will be going to use the c Panel control panel that is quite best in the whole industry of web hosting.

Hawkhost Up-time


Performance of the HawkHost Company

The employees of the HawkHost Company use the servers that are quite powerful such as Dual Quad Core Xeon 5520 along with 24 GB of DDR Ram as well as with RAID-10, disk of 4×300 GB 15000 RPM along with 100 Mbps Ports that are used to be stored in the best and the world class center. Additionally, the dedicated team of staff uses this powerful server, well trained engineers are professional in their work, and well the performance of the company will be only described as outstanding without any failure of the services at all.

On top of all, every client will receive the network which is guaranteed up time of 99.9%. Thus, by keeping the web sites of the clients within the industry on line throughout. Furthermore, the employees of HawkHost Company will try to use the control panel that is most preferred within the industry, the c panel. This is a better control panel, which is most preferred just because of its flexibility as well as this panel has an interface that is user friendly, so it is quite easy to use with all the clients.

Reliability of the HawkHost Company

The HawkHost Company will try to provide the guarantee to their clients a 99.9% up time without any sort of interruption.

Thus, every client will not need to worry about the problems occurred due to their sites being off line at any time of the day or night. Every client will also receive the profit of refund in line with the company in only thirty day money back policy which is guaranteed.

If any of the clients is not satisfied from the service of the HawkHost Company then they will help you out by their best plans and policies.

At the top of all, the HawkHost Company includes those people who are well trained and will cater for the vast need of their customer in every aspect.

Customer Support/Services provided by the HawkHost Company

Every client of the Hawkhost Company will be going to reach the desk of the customer care every time means twenty four hours of a day, every day of the week and every day of the year. This will help the clients in receiving the hosting issues being looked into the technical issues that are responded by the team who provide technical support very fast and quick.

The policy of money back will guaranteed for the further issues which will ensure that all the clients can refund the policy if any one of them are unsatisfied. The team that is technically best is quite responsive while dealing with the customers who are dealing with the technical issues and quickly all the team member will try to resolve the problem occurred in any filed and make their clients completely satisfied.

Thus, being a HawkHost Company team member all the people will try to make their customer satisfied and happy with the services that is being provided by the company to their clients.Hawkhost provides you with a 30 days cash back guarantee for shared , reseller and also semi-dedicated hosting . If you are not pleased with their services you can claim the full refund in first 30 days .

So is Hawkhost one to consider? Most definitely since it can mean that the person is getting some great service at a low price. Though, those that are wanting to start many sites, many find it impossible to use such a small web host.

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