How new domains extensions are positively transforming the internet

How new domains extensions are positively transforming the internetIn the recent past, the world of domain names has seen introductions of lots of new products with domain usage also recording a significant increase. And now with rumors rife that the second round of gTLD applications could be in the offing, it’s now clearer than ever that domains are set to continue being valuable assets for a bit longer. Below are some of the reasons you need to embrace new domains as quickly as possible:

There’s still much room for innovation and new online businesses

When the internet was invented, there were only eight domain name options from which users could choose. As you can imagine, this posed a lot of challenges to businesses since finding exact match domains increasingly became a huge problem over time. In fact, some businesses had to resort to changing brand names after realizing that their preferred domains were not available. However, things have since changed rapidly over the past few years where businesses now have over 1000 domain extensions to choose from. Well, some might be restricted to particular organizations and groups but that doesn’t mean there’s a shortage of options whatsoever.

Businesses are quickly embracing branded navigation as a marketing tool of choice

Today, there are various other ways of building and maintaining an online presence apart from just the use of websites. For example, established social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Periscope now allow businesses to leverage their brand through the use of forwarded custom domains. This is referred to as branded navigation which is one of the methods that has made it much easier for businesses to enforce their brands while also making it easier for visitors to access their content. Some of the top domains that have spearheaded this movement include .SOCIAL, .LIVE, and .NEWS.

New domains will enhance internet security

As earlier mentioned, some domains are meant to be exclusively used by specific groups and professionals. This is especially crucial considering the sharp rise in the number of hackers and spammers that make it difficult to tell whether an email or any other content you’re accessing online is from a legitimate source or not. However, with more companies registering brand domains or domains that reflect their brands, it’s much easier to curb such cases. Some of the top companies that have taken this direction include Nike, Amazon, Google, and Canon among others. Considering that these extensions are only used in-house, customers receiving communications from them will feel more secure opening an email or web page that’s coming with a .brand extension.

The same works with restricted new domains. For example, anyone applying for a .BANK domain extension has to prove that they indeed run a legitimate organization before being awarded the domain. Such requirements help to minimize risks associated with the scandalous use of domains and internet at large.

Can be valuable for users in search of quick, relevant information

Having a wide range of domain names to choose from can make finding exact match domains a much easier task for businesses. And with such a domain name, visitors find it easier to find relevant information about your company more quickly. For example, visitors looking for certain keywords such as hoverboard reviews will easily point out domain names that have those keywords from the search results and possibly click on them. With this, such a domain name is bound to rank higher on SERPs more quickly which of course is good for your business.

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