How to check Google Webmaster penalty for a domain?

Sometimes, your Google traffic goes back to zero or suddenly shoots down and you are left wondering what is going on. Mostly, when this happens, then there are higher chances that your Website has been penalized by Google.
There is nothing as bad as having a penalty on your Google Webmaster since your webpage will be receiving poor or no Google traffic hence poor rating and there are higher chances you will lose most of your potential website viewers. This is something most people are not aware of.
It is very important you learn how to do Google penalty analysis. This will save you time and a lot of money that will otherwise be used to salvage the situation much later and to gain the lost audience. The following are some of the effective ways of checking Google Webmaster penalty.
How to check Google Webmaster penalty for a domain

Type the full domain name of your website on the Google Search

First and foremost, you should search your website full URL without the http://. You will achieve this by typing the website full URL that is the domain with the extension on the browser i.e. In the event Google only brings back one result, then there is a high chance there is a penalty but if Google brings more than one result, then there is no need to be worried since chances are there is no penalty on your Google webmaster.
Remember when there is no penalty on your Google Webmaster, most people can easily find your website online.

Enter only the domain name or the domain keyword without the extension i.e ,com, .net etc

This is the second way you can use to establish whether Google has exerted any penalties on your Google Webmaster. When you type the domain keyword for instance, typing yourdomainname instead of the and Google does not bring back any result, then there are higher possibilities that your website has been penalized. However, if one or more results are brought back, then there is a reason for you to be happy since this is an indication that your site does not have any penalties.

Type full website dresses such as including http://

You can type the entire URL of your website that is and view which results come back. In cases where there is only one result coming back, there is need for you to be worried since, this is an indication of a severe Google penalization on your Google Webmaster.

SEO-Move Online Penalty Checker Tool

SEO-Move Online Penalty Checker Tool
There are a number of tools you can use to check Google penalization online. One of these tools is the SEO-Move Online Penalty Checker tool which according to users, it is an excellent tool to check Google penalization. Once you have gone to the SEO Move website, you will be expected to enter the domain and thereafter run to check the penalty.

In conclusion, if you carefully follow these 4 steps you will never go wrong. These steps are easy and straightforward ways to easily confirm whether there is any penalty on your Google webmaster.

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