How To Get Traffic For Your Blog?

How To Get Traffic For Your BlogSo you love blogs and you own one. Great! Having a blog and making it popular is a very good feeling and rewarding experience. But if your blog is not able to get the attention of the users and cannot drive more internet traffic, then you might be looking some effect ways to improve the condition. If you are looking some lasting solution, then you will have to think of all the aspects. You need to find out which one of the following seven mistakes you are doing on your blog.

1. Bad headings

The headings come to the notice of the readers first. Even if you have powerful, interesting, and helpful content, but it cannot come to the notice of the visitors without an impressive heading. Hence, your first focus needs to be on the heading. You need to choose a proper heading for the contents to grab the attention of the visitors.

2. Not regular in responding comments

The successful way of attracting the visitors is to entertain them more and keep them engaging. When you see some comments for your any post, you need to respond it quickly with a valuable answer. Even if you do not find that inspiring, you will have to respond it to encourage the reader to visit your site. If you neglect their comments and will focus writing new articles only, then it will not help you more. Hence, you need to be careful about the comments.

3. Absence of powerful contents

The success and failure of your blog will mostly depend on the contents. You need to write short, simple, effective, helpful, and powerful contents. More importantly, your contents need to be unique. You should not follow other’s style to get the attentions of the reader. You need to create a special recognition for your unique style. Once you will be able to achieve it, you can notice the difference.

4. Ignoring email list

You must have heard about the email marketing and you need to implement it for your blog. To start with it, you need to create an email list. The traffic you will get from the email list will be more effective than the Twitter and Facebook. You can create an email list and satisfy your clients with the helpful information. You will see the difference in a couple of weeks. For the best result, you will have to be very regular. Whenever you post a new article on your blog, you need to send it to the subscriber without any delay.

5. Absence of any significant and central topic

Before starting a blog, it is important to understand the purpose of your writing. You should know what you want to achieve and how to achieve your desired goal. You will have to focus on a central topic to engage your targeted audience. You can choose any topic that might be health, technology, education, yoga, and marketing. But you need to post contents on that particular subject. Any variation will not inspire the readers.

6. Not following successful strategy

New bloggers usually post the articles and wait for the response without knowing how the content will come to the notice of the readers. Yes, it is not enough to post powerful contents only, you need to follow successful marketing strategy to come to the notice of the visitors. You can take the help of the Twitter, Facebook, and email list to increase the traffic.

7. Not regular about the posting

If you want to increase traffic to your blog, then you will have to post articles more frequently. You can set a time just like three to four times in a week. You need to be particular about the timing to impress your readers. If you do not have time for a particular day, then choose short but effective articles. While posting a new article, make sure that you are updating it to the readers through the email list. If you will follow it regularly, then you can increase the traffic to your site in no time.


If you are doing any of these mistakes for your blog, then try to fix it as soon as possible to get the attention of the readers. While opening your blog, your focus should be on the readers. You need to think how to get and hold their attention and that will ultimately increase your internet traffic.

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