How to GoDaddy Auction bidder verification process?

How To GoDaddy Auction Bidder Verification ProcessEven though there are a lot of wonderful things you can do online, we can’t ignore the fact that it can also be a dangerous and unsafe place. A lot of people have experienced being hacked even in the safest and most secured websites you can think of. In order to fully secure both online buyers and sellers again fraudulent activity that usually happens in auctions, GoDaddy introduced a new bidder verification procedure.
Basically, the procedure is configured to restrict the way unverified bidders can offer bids. Unverified bidders wouldn’t have the privilege to place a bid, until they completely verify their account. This would restrict what they can do with an unverified GoDaddy account. On the other hand, verified auction users can feel at ease knowing that the auctions are being held with tight fraud reduction rules. GoDaddy continues and consistently assess the auction platform to guarantee that the marketplace will be fair and safe at all times.

There are two variations of auction procedures that require verification before you can be a part of it:

1. Value Priced
These are the types of domains that have been repurchased by GoDaddy and available for auction once again.
2. Expiry Auctions
These are the type of domains that are already expired and have not been renewed by the first owner and is up for auction.

Step-by-step Verification Process:

If you want to completely verify your account, it’s important to supply a valid PayPal address during the application process.
1. As you attempt to put bid from the GoDaddy Auctions page, place your bid and click the ‘Continue‘ button to review the choice you made.
2. On the next window– the Review Domains window, verify your PayPal account in order to proceed to the next step.
3. Your last name, first name, as well as the PayPal email address should be supplied in the form and click on the submit button.

Note: It’s important that the Paypal address you’re going to use is already verified. Also, keep in mind that not all accounts are allowed in GoDaddy auctions. To determine if your account can be used, it’s advisable to take a look at the PayPal Seller FAQs. This will give you the information you need.

4.. Once the verification process is complete, GoDaddy will send you a confirmation message, saying that it has already emailed your PayPal address.
However, in case that you have used an unverified PayPal contact information, you’ll get an email saying that the PayPal address you have supplied is invalid and you must enter a valid information first.

Note: Contact information is validated against PayPal in real-time

5. To complete the verification process, just click the link provided in the email message. This will contain your PayPal details.
6. You’ll be sent to your GoDaddy account and there’s no need to sign in. If the verification process turns out to be a success, the bid limitations will be lifted from your account.

To know more about the PayPal security verification process, you can always visit the PayPal Seller Verification FAQs.

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