How to import your Whois data into Watch My Domains

Even with Port 43 limits and GDPR, you can still download your Whois info from select registrars.

A lot of domain name investors use Watch My Domains Pro to manage their domain name portfolio. But as domain name registrars limit access to Whois in the GDPR era, it has become difficult for domain owners to download their own Whois data into the program.

There’s now a way to download all of your Whois data into the program without running into rate limits and other issues. It’s accomplished using registrar APIs. And before you dismiss this because you aren’t technical, I was able to set this up in 5 minutes with no technical skills.

Here’s the process:

1. Get your API key and secret from your registrar.

Watch My Domains currently supports ResellerClub, GoDaddy, Namecheap, and Dynadot. I got my GoDaddy API information by logging in and going to

2. Input your API info in Watch My Domains.

Click on the API configuration icon and enter your info in the box that pops up.
How to import your Whois data into Watch My Domains3. Import your data.

The first step is to import your domains by clicking the Import button in Watch My Domains.

After downloading all of your domains you’ll be able to do Whois lookups on them that pull data through GoDaddy’s API rather than Port 43 (which doesn’t return valuable information).

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