How to Invest in Expired Domains?

How to Invest in Expired Domains

Are you planning to buy domains for investing? Numerous domain names end up not renewed by their original owners. Once they expire, someone else can register them again.
Before you lose the ownership of a domain, you’re given a period to renew the name before their expiration. Once restored, you’ll continue using the domain name.
Also, some individuals wait for the existing names to expire and then renew them afresh. You can use such domains on your websites. However, most of these expired domains are registered by investors, also called domainers.

What is Domain Investing?

Domain investing is the buying of domain names as a method of investment. A domainer can register a domain name, hoping that someone else would want to purchase it in the future. These investors can buy these names when the price is low and anticipate that the value will be high when reselling them.
Domain investing is also known as domain flipping, and it involves buying domain names and then reselling them for a profit.

How to Acquire a Domain Name

As a domain investor, there’re three ways you can acquire domains. They may include:

  1.  Buying an existing domain name from its owner.
  2.  You can also register a new domain.
  3. Buy the expired domains.

Purchasing an expired domain is one of the excellent methods to acquire domain names for investing. It’s so because most of the expiring domain names have high authority, reputable, and are of high-quality.

Expired Domain Market

Domain names may not be available a few days after they expire. The registry will wait up to 40 days before discharging the previous owner. Additionally, they’ll hold the domains for an additional 30 days in case the owner decides to renew their ownership.
The actual domain release date can be a challenge to track. It requires extreme diligence. Also, once the names are dropped, the registry will release the domain names for an unscheduled duration.
There’re millions of domains that expire monthly. These are the domain names that owners no longer need or want. Also, some individuals have registered domains which they don’t use.

How to Get an Expired Domain Name

The first step in your venture of acquiring expired a domain name is to buy a software that will provide you with accurate information about different domains. Then, you need to search for the expiring domains on the databases and select the one you wish to register.

The process involves entering a keyword for a particular domain name on the search panel. You can also type the exact name of a specific domain which you’re planning to purchase.

Once you identify a domain, find out the dates it’s scheduled to drop. Also, it’s helpful to keep checking the database regularly for any change in the status of the domain.

Several services are aimed at helping domain investors to acquire domain names when the names get released by the registry. Such sites include DropCatch and NameJet.
These websites are also called drop-catching services. They implement some computer programs that allow them to grab domains the moment they get released.

If you need a domain, you can contact these sites, and they’ll back-order the domain name from its registrar site. They also host domain auctions for the names that have high demand.

Many domain names are dropping every day. Thus, domainers need to be aware of the domains available and distinguish the profitable ones from the bad ones. A domainer should also buy the name at the lowest auction price.

What to Look for in a Good Expired Domain Name

When investing in a particular domain, an investor needs to determine whether people will be attracted to buying it. Several factors will determine if someone would wish to purchase a domain name in the future.

A Name Registered in Several Extensions

If there’re multiple businesses registered under a similar domain extension, such as .org, .net,, there’s a high likelihood of high demand on that domain. Some individual would even wish to purchase domains with matching domain extensions.

Dictionary Words

Most companies will search for a domain name using distinct keywords. Some will even seek for domains that contain specific terms. Thus, as an investor, it’ll be profitable to invest in domain names which include dictionary words.

The Domain Doesn’t Contain Hyphens

A good domain name shouldn’t have hyphens. It’s thus essential to exclude any domain with such characters.

Domains with Search Traffic

A domain name that contains terms that rank high in search engines will have high demand. There’re tools which can help in determining Google search volume for keywords in every domain.

The Age of a Domain

Whether a domain name is old or new, it doesn’t always influence the value of that domain name. However, some of the best domains were registered early. They’re presumed to have generated good traffic, search engine ranking, and thus more dependable.
So, screen the domain names to exclude the ones registered in the past one year, or two years You should also disregard low-quality domains from your investments.

Short Domain Names

Most companies will seek to have short domain names. A domain investor should often limit domain which is long in terms of words as well the number of characters.


Linking is one of the ideal reasons why most companies opt to use expired domains instead of registering a new one. Backlinks will help a website to rank higher than others in search engines.
Thus, when investing in domains, select the ones with reasonable backlinks’ quality, and it’ll guarantee high demand when reselling it.

Screening Domain Names

There’re millions of domain names on the web. Thus, use a high-quality tool to evaluate and find the best-expired domains. is one of the excellent expired domain tools. This site will enable you to execute different domain screening criteria against massive databases of expiring domains. Using this application is free.
Additionally, you can also use the Estibot tool. It’s an automated domain appraisal software that screens the most valued domain names.


If you’re considering to start domain investing, use tools such as to learn more on the domain market. The site will also help in tracking the best expiring domain names.

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