How to make money from blogging?

If you are planning to make money from blogging then you are just of the many people who are discovering that blogging is a good way of generating money online. Many people choose blogging due to different reasons, however, the bottom line remains that most of them choose blogging in order to earn an extra dollar.
How to make money from blogging

How to make money from blogging?

First of all, you need to understand that not everyone who does blogging grows rich in fact you should understand that few bloggers become rich out of blogging. This might disappoint you but it is very important that you approach blogging with a different perspective and understand that in order to make it out of blogging, it is takes time, a lot of hard work and it does not become a status changer for everyone.

In order to see the facts right, check one of my Posts “Can You Really Make Money Blogging: 7 things you need to Know about Making Money from Blogging”

Secondly, I am going to reveal to you some of my top Money Making Methods then below that I am going to show how to make good use of some great resources in order to increase your income from blogging.

What is going to follow that is a brief summary of some of my main income streams from blogging. However, before you start reading through, ensure you understand that blogs differ in the way they stream in money. You will come to realize that some of the income streams work better with other blogs than with other blogs. Therefore, the best way to guarantee your success is trying working with as many income streams as possible to rightly identify which one works best for your blog.

The following are some of the income streams that I have worked with for the past few years and they are the ones responsible for bringing me my current six figures salary. I have managed to arrange them from highest to the lowest. I hope you are going to learn something from it and see the different ways that I manage to earn a living out from blogging.

1. AdSense
AdsenseEven though I stopped using AdSense in ProBlogger, I still continue to use it on my other blogs. I have set it up to show text and image based ads and making good use of the 250300 pixel on the ads to work best.
However, I have not been that lucky with their referrals but the normal ads still work best for me and they still continue being my biggest earners.


2. Affiliate programs
Affiliate ProgramsI run a number of affiliates on my blog even though they do not bring in as much hence they do not necessarily manage to stand on a category of their won. Some of these include recommending quality products like the ones found on ProBlogger, How to launch the F*** out of your E-Book amongst many others including the products on my photography blog like David DuChemins amazing photography E-books and 123 of digital Imaging.

The good thing about most of these programs is the fact that they are of high quality such that they do not necessarily need intensive marketing and instead they sell by themselves and most of the time I receive emails from clients thanking me for their recommendations.

3. E-Book Sales
E-Book SalesThe last time I wrote about how I make money out of blogging this category never existed, reason being that I did not have any of my own products to sell at all. However, for the past one year, I have managed to release three E-books. Even though these products sell at a cost of below $20 they surely add up eventually since they have been one of my biggest sources of income. The only reason I can say that they were ranked third in the previous month is the fact that I never did a product launch.
At one time, I wrote one launch that brought me in $72,000 in a week. According to predictions, this is an income stream that I see escalating in the near future as I continue to add more E-books to my current range.

4. Continuity Programs
Continuity ProgramsThis is a site that helps you to earn a recurring income from the people who subscribe one of the services that you offer. For instance, for me this is ProBlogger and Third Tribe Marketing. Both of these programs continue to make me more monthly income from the thousands of members that are subscribed to them.


5. Private Ad Sales/Sponsorships
Private Ad Sales - SponsorshipsAccording to me, this has fallen in the last one year. They were previously ranked third but now they have dropped to fifth. This can be due to the change in my perception but still I can also blame the change in economy.
This area also varies from one month to another depending on the campaigns you are running.


6. Chitika
ChitikaThis continues to work well for me even though, previously they used to do well on products related blogs but today, their Premium ad units now convert well on a number of large blogs.



7. Amazon associates
Amazon AssociatesThis affiliate program has been one of my greatest gainers in the past 12 months. Back then, I used to make a few odd dollars from it, but now it has become a significant earner for me especially in the month of December.



8. ProBlogger Job Boards
ProBlogger Job BoardsThe job boards on ProBlogger continue to grow especially with the increase in the number of advertisements being brought. After investing more of my money into getting the back-end for the boards and designating them again, the job boards now bring in over $1000 on a monthly basis as revenue.
The good thing with job boards is that they require little maintenance but its only shortcoming is that the demand for job exceeds the supply.

9. Speaking fees
Speaking FeesI often get invitations to do speaking and they pay well. The shortcoming with these invitations is the fact that I am often invited overseas and unfortunately I hardly travel most of the time overseas. However, when I get to travel, I do a number of speaking and the income is also good.


Apart from all these, there are small sources of income from smaller advertising programs but they are too small to fit in this ranking. The other income stream that never made money as from April was book royalties from the ProBlogger. These royalties are usually paid every 6 months or so and you should be able to understand that books are often not written to make you rich.

It is worth noting that a lot is out there on how to make money online from blogging but similarly, there is also a lot of hype about it hence it is upon you to choose what to take in and what not to.

Below you will a number of my articles which try to explain different ways bloggers can make money online.

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