How to private domain registration on GoDaddy?

Recently we talked about, its facts & features among others. We especially looked at the reasons as to why it is one of the best domain name registrars out there as well as the processes involved when buying a domain name for a business and/or for a person from GoDaddy.
Private Registration
GoDaddy has been proven to be the winner in the domain name game. At the same time, it is one of the most popular destinations for corporations and individuals who are interested in buying a domain name.

The registration process of a domain name on GoDaddy is not only quick & straightforward but it is also very easy. Almost anyone can easily purchase a domain name of his/her choice from GoDaddy. This is because they are not only inexpensive but one can also get it within a very short time for instance, a dotcom domain name goes for only $10 and you can get it within minutes. (You can get promo codes for .COM domain just $0.99 here)

As previously explained on my post on private domain names, purchasing any domain name registrar out there or even a regular domain name from GoDaddy is not advisable. This is because it may result in serious privacy issue.

GoDaddy and other domain name registrars with good reputation offer a solution to this problem in form of private domain name registration. You can easily protect your sensitive business and/or even personal information with less than a dollar a month from being viewed by the public. Below is a detailed explanation on how you can go about it:

How to protect your personal information

Private domain name registration is offered by GoDaddy. When registering a private domain name, you are allowed to withhold all the contact information that is personal from being made public.

Such include: your name, phone number, address, email address among others. This is a compulsory thing that has to be met in accordance to the registrar agreements with the ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), the body that globally controls the domain names and internet protocols.

There are two ways in which you can protect your personal information on GoDaddy. That includes

I: Registering a new private domain name

private-domain-registration-on-GoDaddy gives you a chance to register a private domain name as an additional feature. This goes for $9.99 per month only (in addition to the registration fee of the domain name).  To register a private domain name:

  1. Visit the GoDaddy link provided. Using the search box, look for the names that you want and then follow the simple instructions provided to add any or all the domain name(s) that you select to your Shopping Cart.
  2. Once you are done with the above step, click Proceed to Checkout. One of the first features that you will notice after checking out is a pop-up box that contains a list of addons and an option to keep your private information from online publishing. This option allows you to register your domain name(s) as private.
  3. Three different types of domain name registration are offered by GoDaddy. All you have to do is to simply choose the one that suits your needs well and after that, click “Add and Continue”.
  4. The amount of money that you will have to pay for the private domain registration name you choose as well as its registration fees will be available for you to see once you land on your shopping cart.
  5. The final step is for you to simply press checkout and make the payment and you will be done with your registration for a new private domain name. For you to verify this, you simply visit the Whols lookup website and then enter your domain name there.

II: Adding a private registration to your existing domain name(s)

This method is often used by individuals or business institutions that have already used GoDaddy to purchase a domain name(s) and wish to protect their private information and remain anonymous. The following steps will guide you on how to do this;

  1. Visit the GoDaddy website to login to your Account Manager i.e. the dashboard (note that, all the accounts on come with a dashboard which enables you to easily manage your domain). When logging in to your account manager, you use the login/password information that was provided to you when you first registered your domain.
  2. Once you have logged in, click Launch that is next to “Domains”.
    click Launch
  3. Click to select the domain name(s) that you would like to add privacy to and then click Upgrade.
    click Upgrade
  4. Go to the Registration Options tab and then select Private Registration.
    Select Private Registration
  5. Click Add. If you already have a Domain By Proxy (DBP) account that you would like to use, click to select it from the list. If you do not have one already, select “Create New”.
    Domain By Proxy
  6. DBP will help create a new account for you after which it will send all the information (i.e. the password, username as well as a link to the DBP website) to your email. Make sure that you retain this information for future use.
  7. It is as simple as that. You will find the private registration on your shopping cart and all you have to do is to click Checkout that is at the bottom. After that, simply make the payment and finalize the checkout process.
    Simply click

Just like the first method(i.e. when one is registering a new domain name), you will get a chance to review all the items that you purchased as well as the breakdown of prices and the totals in your shopping cart.

GoDaddy will only charge you the private registration for the length of time (in years) that is still remaining on your domains i.e. before they expire. Another thing with GoDaddy is the fact that it can only take 24 to 48 hours (as they say) for the DBP information to be displayed in the Whois database and for your personal information to be replaced.

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