How to registering domains trademarked brand?

How to registering domains trademarked brandHaving a trademark is one of the excellent ways to legally stake a claim on your product, service, business or even phrase. It’s, however, unfortunate that it isn’t guaranteed that you’ll certainly keep away from everyone forever. Cases of trademark infringements often happen with or without your knowledge. Therefore, keeping your defenses up is a wise thing to do.

There are numerous guides online on the subject of trademark preservation which you can read to learn more about it. However, if time is an issue for you, you don’t have to worry as we’ve created a comprehensive rundown of the best ways to be proactive when it comes to protecting your trademark online.

Make Trademark Clearinghouse your best friend

Trademark owners can grab the uncountable opportunities provided by ICANNs New Domain program to try and stake a claim on their domain before anyone else does it. Getting registered with Trademark Clearinghouse is undoubtedly one of the greatest ways to ensure that you stay on top of the release of the ICANNs new domain names. By doing this, you’ll automatically have access to sunrise period, the period when trademark owners can ensure that their trademark is secure before anyone else takes the step.

Consider Registering For a DPML Block

The DPML (Domain Protected Marks List) enables companies that produce trademark goods or brands to block any URL strings attached to the trademark. This service, however, involves a fee, but it’s all worth it. There are two main parties that offer the domain blocking service; Donuts Inc. and Right side registries. The latter has been used by over 300 domains while the former applied for 39.

Consider Products, Events, and Other Variables

Keep in mind that some essential aspects of your business might lack full protection by your trademark. For instance, your company sponsors annual charity concert may hold a semi-annual sale with another unique name. Therefore, you should always consider registering domains for events like these even if they’re not active. This is to keep off any interests from any other persons that may try to use your trademarked domains in future for such events.

Be Prompt to Renew Your Domains

Whether you have a trademark or not, we can all agree that it can be very stressing if your domain accidentally expired. Therefore, you should consider setting reminder emails to remind you about such renewals in time. Additionally, you should regularly check your inbox for any reminder received. You may as well set the domain up to auto renew on the expiration date.

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