How to sell a domain name on GoDaddy?

Domain for saleFounded in the year 1997 by Bob Parsons, GoDaddy has grown to be one of the biggest Web Hosting and domain registration service in the world.
According to GoDaddy site, you are going to find pioneering and competitively priced products for Web development and hosting. This includes its domain auction service.
When a domain is sold, it literary means that the ownership of that particular domain is transferred or moved to another person or business.

When you make use of this auction function, you will realize that selling a domain is actually not a long and difficult process.


1. Open the GoDaddy auction website found on your internet browser. (See Resources).

2. You will be expected to set up a GoDaddy auction account by clicking at the “Join Now” button found on the right hand side of the screen. Take note that you are not expected to pay any fee when posting a listing but there will be some fee expected for becoming a GoDaddy auction member.
Ensure that you follow the instructions displayed on the screen for you to provide the information needed to create a GoDaddy auction account.

3. Once the account is open, log into the site.

4. Move and click on the “sell” button found at the top of the screen.

5. Make use of the auction wizard to set up the basic listing including the selling price and the domain name.

6. Next, you will have to wait for a bidder to place an offer on the domain name. GoDaddy will contact you once a bid is placed.
The bidder might start with a lower price than what the listing states and here you have the chance of negotiating for more money or similarly, you can decide to take the offer.

7. After you have made an agreement to sell, click on the “Sold” section of the domain. GoDaddy will then collect the funds and process the forms required to complete the sale.

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