How to value a domain name?

Most of us mistake that the true value of a domain is the selling tag the seller has on it but the true value of a domain is how much the buyer is willing to pay for it.
Therefore, if you are considering putting your domain on sale, you first need to know how much it is worth in the market. Most people go to an appraisal site when they want to sell their domain name even though there are a number of sites that you can get an appraisal for your domain.
Personally, I prefer getting an appraisal from several sites so that I get to differentiate the prices and finally determine how much I expect from selling the domain.
How To Value A Domain Name?

Some free appraisal sites include:

Take note that whatever is usually indicated on the appraisals are just guesses and not necessarily a guarantee that the domain will go for that price. The fact remains that if you are capable of running an appraisal on your site domain, so are your potential buyers who will consequently want to spend less.

What makes a domain valuable?

There are some undisputed facts about what makes a domain. Most people looking to buy a domain will go for domains that are already successful. Such a site which is already successful will still continue to be successful even if there is a change in ownership and will even carry forward some of its previous users to the new site.

Things to look out for when trying to value a domain:

Length of the domain

The shorter the domain, the more expensive it is. Therefore, when you are assessing the value of the domain, you should be able to look at the length of the domain and take note that the domains having few words are costly compared those having more words.

Period of being live

The other thing that you need to look at is the period which the domain has been live. Domains that have been live for a long time rank better in the search engines and this increases their values. However, such domains have the shortcoming of the fact that they are rarely for sale hence it can be hard to convince the owner to sell it to you or similarly, the owner might decide to sell you the domain for more money.

Spelling and use of the domain word(s)

Domains names that use a common word which is easy to type and spell usually cost more than those that use ambiguous and difficult to spell words. This is because most users do not like words that are hard to spell and they are likely to forget domains having difficult names than those that have simple names.

Domain extension

Domain names that have the .com extension often cost more than those which do not. This is because the .com extension is what most users default to and therefore will rank high in the search engines than the .net extensions.

How to improve your domain value?

What you can do to improve the value of your domain is the same thing you can do to improve the value of your website. The value of your website can be improved by simply allowing more users to visit your website. The more popular your website is, the more valuable your domain becomes.

Improve your SEO

If your customer can easily find you in their search, they will visit you frequently. Ensure you add the contents in your websites so that your clients will have more pages to visit. You should also market your site through appropriate venues like social media so that more people can be aware of its existence.

However, there a few things that you cannot change to influence the value of your domain

Domain age

This is a good example since even though the age of the domain matters when it comes to its value, the domain still needs maintenance for its value to be worth by age. A domain that was opened long time ago but was not used doesn’t have customers hence its value still remains low.

Domain usability

Domains which have hard to spell words, non alphabetic characters and are extremely long regardless of their age are still not valuable and you cannot change their value since you already own them.

Domain extension

Once you own a domain that has another extension from the .com extension, you cannot change it

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