How HTTPS Helps to Secure Your Site and Boost Your SEO?

How HTTPS Helps to Secure Your Site and Boost Your SEO
Everyone with a website wants to see it rank highly in Google searches. Most people will go on about how their foolproof strategies for search engine optimization deliver instant results.
However, the truth is most SEO is guesswork. The good news is that Google has reassured users that it gives priority to sites that use HTTPS in search results.

In this article, we will show you how you can you can add an SSL certificate to boost your SEO and drive more traffic to your website. Watch your site rankings hit the roof with HTTPS.

What Does HTTPS Entail?

HTTPS is simply an abbreviation for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. This internet communication protocol encrypts your data to prevent its interception and exploitation by a third party.
HTTPS sites operate on SSL or TLS protocols to protect transfer of data and ascertain that there is no alteration or corruption on transit.

A website that is using the kind of encryption will show HTTPS in its URL at the address bar of the browser instead of just HTTP. It will also have a padlock icon on the same bar. A secured website will automatically redirect you to the secured version when you go to the regular HTTP address.

This is How HTTPS Works

To have your website secured with HTTPS, begin by purchasing a security certificate (SSL) from an established vendor. The vendor will then submit your website details to a Certificate Authority (CA) such as Symantec or Comodo. Upon submission, the CAs confers a certificate in form of a cryptographic key that secures the data.

You need to understand that we have different levels of SSLs. All of them give the HTTPS prefix, but the level of website protection vary from one level to another.
We propose Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates. They are the most secure certificates with the highest rankings. Besides, they are perfect for all websites that transfer confidential data.

EV SSLs are unique because they authenticate if the owner of the website is the lawful owner of both the business and its domain. This gives an assurance to visitors that they are on a safe and legitimate website for the company. What’s more, the address bar turns green on websites with EV certificates, and they append a site seal to the website for further verification.

The Role of SSL Certificates in SEO

On top of assured security when transacting on the website and building customer confidence, SSL certificates also advance your SEO–search engine optimization. Google has made it public knowledge that it has a preference for URLs that commence with HTTPS that is only granted through an SSL certificate.
From December 2015, links with HTTPS got priority over HTTP, which gives a boost to sites that make use of SSL certificates. This means that Google will give priority for higher rankings to websites that authenticate ownership and protect privacy and information of users over those that do not.

SSL CertificateWhere to Begin with HTTPS

If you are keen on enhancing the status of your website by securing user data and transactions, find a reliable and certified vendor where you can purchase a security certificate. Choose the right level of security according to your website needs.
If you are not sure about the right certificate, find a helpful website that will give you an understanding of different SSL certificates. With this understanding, purchase one that suits your needs.

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