Lacking Topic Ideas for your Blog Posts? 10 Ways to Bail You

Lacking Topic Ideas for your Blog Posts 10 Ways to Bail YouWhile non-profits record about eight percent of their yearly earnings online, about a third of the total earnings stream in during the festive season. To earn more than this, creating upbeat blog posts is the only way that can see them cashing more.

Your website should have a punchy blog for you to make it in the non-profit zone. Capterra records that non-profits that have blogs that are up, running and lively are on point when it comes to brand awareness. They have their missions and stories at hand and are a way of generating enormous traffic to the website. Through this, they create more leads that can translate into hearty donations.

Is settling on a topic for your non-profit blog daunting? These are 10 ways to come up with ideas that sire topics:

1. Keep an eye on SEO Trends and Google Keywords

Millions of people worldwide use Google for search purposes on a daily basis. Subscribe to the Google Alerts and you can be able to monitor the trends. Here, you can get the best topic ideas for your non-profit with regards to what yours does or what is relevant to its mission statement. You will receive emails daily on stories that are trending and news related to your keywords. You can derive an idea from what your locals or international people are looking up for.

2. Scan Posts and Headlines on Social Media Platforms

There are social media sites with good profiles where you can get ideas for your blog posts. You can read content from other non-profits and something will strike your mind. Uniqueness is key so that your own doesn’t seem like a clone of another site. You can settle on current events or topics that are hot at a particular time. If it is World’s AIDS Day, and your non-profit talks about prevention and kicking stigma, then anything AIDS will do.

3. Events and News Stories that Go Hand in Hand with your Non-profit Goals

Read these from your newspaper, magazine or watching news to see what is trending at that time for more ideas for your topics. If your non-profit is about teenage health and growth and there was a rape case or assault in your area, talk about it and how people can avoid recurrence of such instances. Talk about the measures to set in the event that a minor is a victim of rape or assault. Real life events are a good way to connect your blog to a wider audience.

4. Take on an Interview

Interview a few volunteers or your staff to give their life experiences related to what your non-profit mission is. This is a greater way to make people empathize through personal stories and can be a landing for donations in whichever way. Highlight why your staff find it interesting working for the non-profit from how they express themselves during the interview. Personal stories are a good way of generating volunteers who are willing to render their support.

5. Has your non-profit benefited anyone? Talk about it

Reading a success story is encouraging and builds optimism. Talking about how your non-profit has helped through testimonials will confirm that it is alive and working towards positively impacting the lives of others. Doing this on a weekly or monthly basis is an idea to grab.

6. Talk about Research and Facts in the direction of your non-profit mission

If your mission is to reduce and help stop child labor, you can write about the research that has recently conducted on the number of children involved in forced labor, which areas are highly affected. Writing about facts and figures after a research proves the authenticity of your non-profit’s efforts in trying to render help. Keep hunting for the latest researches done in your locality and beyond and put that up on your blog.

7. Take the FAQs Section as an Idea

You can get into the organization’s email and look for any pending questions and create topics that answer these questions. Further, explain what they want to know beefing up with true examples for clarity. Be the stopping point for anyone who needs to know more about anything as long as what they are looking up for is almost similar to your non-profit mission. Keep following up all your contact areas so that you do not have any answered questions that could be topic ideas for your blog.

8. Talk about Events your Non-profit involves in

Most non-profits hold events or are at least invited to events organized by other non-profits with the same mission. Make this an idea and write about the aim of the event, the agendas and any other businesses, any high-profile or major people in attendance and the location as well. Give more on what your non-profit can do to prospective supporters and beneficiaries.

Doing this before the date of the event will encourage a high number of people turning up. You will never miss volunteers or donors. Be clear on the event’s agenda, time, location and every key detail to avoid miscommunication to those who would like to take part.

9. Be at Par with Press Releases

Any new press release should be an idea for a topic on your blog. After an announcement of any happening that concerns your non-profit, write about how beneficial it will be to join in and what more you can do to the public with regards to creating a win-win situation for both sides especially if it is a release on landing a hefty donation or partnership.

10. Hunt for Punchy Guest Posts

Guest blog posts are a way to show that your non-profit is spreading its wings and making progress. You can ask for volunteers to guest post on your blog or if you have an organization you have partnered with. Authors from known sites like Forbes, the Huffing Post and others can write their posts that are relevant to your non-profit. There are a lot of people who find your blog helpful. Take this chance to allow them to contribute to creating unique yet original content.

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