How to install wordpress with Godaddy?

Install WordPress with GoDaddy
Install WordPress with GoDaddy

WordPress is a software and service that can be downloaded and incorporated into your website. This is one amongst the most commonly used for blogging sites: it’s very easy to use and has many dummy proof options.

WordPress is customizable and allows administrators to easily change the layout of the entire website by uploading templates on your site. Once it’s installed, the administrators can add content, make changes or moderate the site from the graphical WordPress administrator dashboard.


Benefits of Using WordPress For Your Site

  • According to Wikipedia, WordPress is so far the most used CMS (Content Management System) in the world. In simple terms, CMS is how the website goes about’ doing things like publishing and editing content.
  • There are thousands of Free & paid WordPress- Themes that can help make your own website appear the way you like it.
  • There are very many Plug-ins available; this means that you can get very many features on your website without having to know anything about code.
  • support- forums helps you ask questions and interact with other bloggers. Here, you can easily solve your problems.

So, you have created a blog on WordPress, and you have purchased a hosting from GoDaddy . Now what? Below are important steps and tips on how you can install wordpress with Godday.

Installing WordPress with Godaddy
Step 1: Install WordPress

  • The first thing you have to do is install the WordPress in Right Directory. Go to the control panel, on the upper right-hand corner, click on the WordPress link.

Step 2:  Set up your Database

  • Next, you need to set up the right database for your site. This is quite simple. Give a good name to your database; this is where all your site information is kept. Here, they will suggest a name; you can use any of the suggested names or use your own. Create a strong password for the database; with the help of Godaddy, you can choose a strong password. This will help in keeping your information secure.

Step 3: Use the right directory

  • This is a very important step. WordPress may requires you to pick and install directory. It defaults this to ‘’. One big mistake many new webmasters make is to go with this suggestion. However, don’t make this mistake; this is because your homepage will be ‘’ instead of ‘’. To avoid this, erase wordpress and leave a blank space. This is one tip that will definitely save you a lot of time and headache.

Step 4:  Set up admin name

  • You will use the admin name to log-in to your site whenever you want to post new content or do anything new to your website. Pick a very strong password in order to avoid getting hacked. Once you have your password, click ‘Finish’ and your password is set. After this, WordPress will install and then Godaddy will send a conformation email.

Step 5: Visit your own website

  • Once you receive the confirmation email, you can now visit your new site. All you have to do is type in your website’s address and then go ahead and work.

Here’s how you get into the backend of your website: type in domain: Then enter your ‘admin name’ and password. Now it’s time to create!

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