Steps to follow for the installing GoDaddy SSL certificate

If you are thinking how to install the SSL certificate, there is nothing there for you to worry about it. You can easily do that without any hassles if you have got all other things that are necessary for the installation of the SSL certificate. If you have got the web host – manager or the CPanel available on the server, then there is nothing much that you need to do for the installation of the SSL certificate. It is something that is much easier for you to choose the things that are related with the things related with that.
Installing GoDaddy SSL Certificate
About CPanel
It is necessary for you to know the things that are related with Cpanel before the installation of the SSL certificate. Cpanel is having the ability for creating SSL certificate and it can install on server. Without having root access for server, there are chances for the CPanel to make the edits necessary for enabling the certificate. If you are having the host that can give the CPanel then you can ask the host for the installation for the certificate that is associate for you. It can really help the individuals in having SSL for that.

Buy Certification
Getting the SSL certificate can be something that is straightforward. You can visit the GoDadddy SSL page for the purchase of the certificates that is necessary for you. The site has got the lists of the certificates in the actual price but can get the price reduced when the certificate is placed in the cart. You need to have a SSL certificate for every sub domain or domain unless you get one certificate that can allow multiple domains.

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Activating SSL Credit
When you are purchasing the SSL certificate from GoDaddy, you are not getting SSL certificate but you are receiving credit for creating a certificate. You have to go the SSL management page and then need to click on the Use Credit. You can then make use of the certificate that you need to use for the purpose. This can create a blank and new certificate in the server of yours.

Creating Certificate and Signing Request
There are chances for the individuals through which the creation of the certificate and also for the signing request. You can go through thus and then make the web TLs and SSL. You can then generate the SSL certificate and signing the request. You need to fill the information for the certificate and make sure that the key size is set to 2048. When you click on create, server then create a random text of three strings which are key, certificate and signing request. You need to save key for backup the text file. You need to them copy the signing request along with the starting and ending lines. Go back again to GoDaddy’s certificate management system. You need to find the blank certificate and click on manage certificate.

Applying the Certificate
Once when the certificate is generated, you need to download that to the computer by clicking on download button.

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