6 unique Japanese new domains you need to know

6 unique Japanese new domains you need to know
Japan is without a doubt one of the world’s most technologically advanced countries today that boasts a fantastic economy and a huge population amounting to around 126 million people. With the country’s keen eye on innovation in matters tech, it is unsurprising to see it embrace the new domain movement the way it has done.

As such, we list the six common domains that have their origin in Japan and which demonstrate how swift the new domain movement is gaining grounds there.


Just as the name suggests, this domain name is meant for individuals or businesses based in Tokyo. As such, the domain is limited to those only residing in the city. If you’re a webmaster who’s interested in a geo-specific domain and lives in Tokyo, this is an ideal domain to consider.


Nagoya is another top Japanese city that’s quite popular as a hub for Japanese shipping industries and manufacturing. A .NAGOYA domain will be appealing to anyone that pays tribute to the Japan’s Aichi Prefecture. So, if your business is operated out of the Aichi Prefecture, this might just be your ideal domain to go for.


Popular for its stunning beaches and a city where WWII took place, Ryukyu is a city whose name refers to the Okinawa Prefecture. If you’re interested in this city, then having a domain name with the .RYUKYU extension might serve you well.


Historically known for its love of arts and unique food, Osaka is a great city to learn most of the Japanese culture. Besides, the city boasts the second largest economy in the country which is why it’s considered one of the epicenters of its economy. Anyone with an interest in the city may, therefore, find the .OSAKA domain name worth consideration.


This is another Japanese city known for its history in WWII. And now, it has a domain name after its name which might be good for people with tourism agencies, historians, and any local person with an interest in the location.


Moe is a popular Japanese term that’s used to celebrate the Otaku culture. Originally, the term meant “geek”. However, it now means “cute” or “something with an aesthetic value”. People with a penchant for manga or animals may also find the term appealing. However, it is important to mention that the .MOE domain is available for anyone including those outside of Japan.


To avoid inconveniences, always ensure that you understand how each of these domains works since almost all of them are restricted to the mentioned regions.

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