Smart Ways To Use Keywords in a Domain Name

Keywords in a Domain Name
When using keywords in your domain name, it’s important that you understand how to incorporate them lest you do it inappropriately. Sadly a majority of most online businesses end up using them the wrong way and imagine that when they stuff them, the impact on ranking will be much better. However, you don’t add any value to your website by stuffing it with searchable names since Google doesn’t even pay too much attention to such when ranking sites.

A premium domain name bears a significant effect on the way the search engines regard your website and the importance they accord you. Nonetheless, your domain name being on the first pages of the search engine results is not enough to boost your business. You must give your clients a valid cause why they should visit your site.

The length of the keyword in your domain name does not impact anything unless you revise how you use the phrases to attract your clients and create a stronger brand. Stuffing is a turnoff, and many customers will often opt to just pass to the next website. You must brand yourself as a credible and professional brand for your target market to find a reason to click your site and engage you in business.

Capturing Your Target Market

As a businessperson and website owner, always think about the person you want to visit your site and how you can lure them. Firms like Amazon and BestBuy have bigger budgets, and so they can risk to can market their brand names to their target market. The names are easy short and easy to remember; in fact, they stick to the mind of the audience meaning, they are ready to do business with these companies before they think of any other.

When we talk about branding, this is what we mean; choosing a catchy and efficient domain name. If, For instance, someone wants to buy goods or services from a firm called ‘goods’ they are more likely to find what they require with the domain name like compared to Always keep the domain name short, catchy, and memorable since it communicates the value and relevance you offer to your target market.

What To Do When Operating on a Small Budget

Smaller companies operating on small budgets, on the other hand, might not have the kind of resources to invest in advertising. However, this is not to say they cannot choose a unique domain name and brand it to their advantage. Online campaigns play a crucial role in such cases; quality content is the key to small business success. Such firms must focus less on keywords and concentrate on the kind of content they offer potential clients. Your domain name may not be as important as you imagine but the keywords within your URL can shape your brand and make customers identify with you.

Choosing the Perfect Domain Name

After you choose your domain name, it becomes permanent. Nonetheless, with the help of Google Webmaster Tools, it is now possible to index or move your website if you wish to change your existing domain name.

Even though this is the case, make sure you choose the right name the first time to cement your brand name within the industry.

How do Search Engines Perceive Keywords in Domain Names?

The ranking factor of domain names is not entirely based on the exact match of keywords in the domain. However, some major search engines still look at that when assessing your website’s relevance. The keywords in your domain name are quite crucial than a sheer ranking booster. Therefore, you must think of how much traffic you will receive from prospects looking and identifying the phrases they are searching. Although your brand may not be as big as Amazon, you can still attract a lot of interest by choosing the right terms for your domain. Research on what people in your target market want before you create your domain name.

How Does Google Search Updates Affect Your Domain Name?

Google Keyword tool was officially replaced in 2013 by the Keyword Planner. The planner comes with particular features which you can use to get new keywords, performance estimates, and Ad group ideas which you can incorporate into your campaigns. Nonetheless, the Google PageRank bar remains untouched since the changes, but history indicates that the toolbars are updated after three months. Google never responds to this and fears are that the toolbar may soon become outdated.

So with all these changes happening every other time, how will the updates affect the quality of your domain name? What could have potential effects on the domain names are the algorithms which are regularly updated? What is important is that relevance doesn’t alter and if you have a strong brand, it will remain relevant. Therefore, choose a good domain name and create a strong brand around it to stand the taste of time.

Domain Names Matter, but Quality Content is Still King

The quality of content on your site will determine how the search engines will rate your website. Most people waste so much time focusing on the search engine complexities but fail to deliver high-quality content, effective advertising, and usable web designs. Such are the things that will boost your site and place it above your competitor.


The exact matching of keywords is not entirely necessary when it comes to selecting a domain name for your website. Also, choosing highly technical domain names can also repel clients which is why you need to pick a name that is easy to remember and effective in driving the message home. Your focus should be to communicate relevance and give prospects a reason to stay.

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