Should You Have Keywords in Domain Name?

The answer to this question depends on a number of factors. Some of these factors include how different search engines treat keywords in your domain name or UR and the size of your advertising budget amongst many others. Keyword staffing often refers to pages that are artificially staffed with keywords and this term also applies to domains that are staffed with keywords such as, Today, we are going to teach you two approaches to use to identify your target audience which also should help you decide how to shape your domain name.
Should You Have Keywords in Domain Name

Who are you targeting?

One of the most important things when it comes to advertising is your target audience. Large corporations having giant branding budgets do not find this a problem since they can easily market and brand made-up names such as Google, Target, and Amazon amongst many others. You realize such names are often simple and can easily stick in the consumers mind.

Size of your advertising budget

This does not apply to hobbyists and the smaller business. Given the fact that they do not have large advertising budgets, they are forced to run their advertising campaign online where customers will be attracted via blog postings, newsletters. The effectiveness of this method will depend on your content (that is the amount of visitors you can draw in through the SERPs also called Search Engine Results Pages) and the traditional marketing methods. Therefore, since users will be clicking through your website, you realize that the nature of your domain will not really matter but again the keywords in your URL will still help influence and at the same time shape your corporate identity. The following is how you can brand a low budget domain name.

Selecting a successful domain name

Selecting a domain name is very important given the fact that your link popularity will entirely be based on the kind of domain you choose. Therefore, it is imperative you choose the right name the first time and avoid changing it with time especially if you have firmly established yourself in the marketplace.

How Search Engines treat domain name keywords

Even though search engines take into account keywords in your domain name, it is also important to consider the amount of traffic you will need. Today, domain names have become sparse and the chances of registering a domain name that also has a high search volume are less. Google own the largest market when it comes to Search Engine while Bing and Yahoo follow far behind. According to our research, we realized that search engines credit you for the keywords in your domain name but this is basically for your customers to be able to find you.

However, it is important to note that also the competitiveness of the keyword really matters. For instance, a very generic and competitive keyword name such as is still very difficult to rank for. This means that not everyone searching for chocolate will find your website to be ranked top. It takes more effort to get any website to the top of the Search Engine Results Pages regardless of the keywords used.

Google Search Engine Updates

The 2013 Google’s Keyword tool was replaced by the Keyword Planner. Keyword planner has a number of functions that the keyword tool had together with a number of other features. The Keyword planner can be used to find a new keyword and also add group ideas and get performances estimates and add them to your campaigns..

There is also Google page rank which used to be updated every three months. However, as at today, this toolbar has not been updated since February 2013. This has led many people into believing that this is the end of the toolbar. So far Google has not given any explanation to this in spite of the fact that there are number of people who have asked.

There are a number of algorithms that are been updated on a daily basis. This reduces the work of having to do a massive update on a particular day and at the same time; it also gives people the opportunity to see the small changes as they occur to easily adopt them. However, this does not apply to the Penguin and Panda algorithm. They still continue to have large update releases.

Quality content

In the end, what really matters in order to gain the highest rankings is the kind of content your site has, the way the site has been organized, the quality of branding. You can decide to spend so much time trying to keep with such minute technicalities or similarly, you can decide to turn your focus on the kind of content your site has, the web design, and the kind of advertising. Remember, this is what people and the Search Engines really want.

3 keys to choosing your domain name

After making an analysis of the different opinions from people, I came to the conclusion that there are three general principles in selecting a quality domain name:

Your domain name needs to simple, easy to remember and very catchy. You realize that people need to type your domain name in order for them to find you and therefore, you need to take into account the fact that there are chances they will make mistakes in spellings. Therefore, try to keep it short to reduce the chances of them making the typos.

You domain name needs to make sense in order for it to clearly reflect what you actually do. Remember, you will not have time to explain to the visitor what that complicated name means hence choose a word that makes sense without having to spend money on the branding. For instance the, a customer will directly know this person deals with blue widgets.

.Com is usually recommended unless you live outside the United States. This is mostly important since this is what most people know by default when they are searching for any domain name. This also helps the visitor reduce the chances for making typing errors when searching for you online.

For more tips on finding the optimal domain name for your website, see our article on choosing a domain name:

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