Why you deed to acquire a .LIVE domain for your streaming channel

.LIVE domain for your streaming channelLive streaming seems to have taken the social media by storm and it’s growing really fast. Regardless of the content and the reason; whether for a big audience or a few relatives, the service has increasingly become very popular. This has made businesses and individuals alike to seek ways in which live streaming can help them achieve personal and business goals, promote engagement and build audiences.

If you’re seeking to join this live streaming bandwagon, then branding your channel will be key to your success. As such, you may want to consider forwarding a .LIVE domain to your live streaming so you can take advantage of its numerous benefits.

Why you should stream using .LIVE domain

Brand promotion

An individual brand can easily get lost in a lengthy URL. As such, if growing your business and promoting your brand is important to you, then you will want your brand at the front. Domains like yourbrand.live will keep the image of your brand at the front mind, which will possibly translate to popularity.


Imagine having to ask someone to tune in and check your live streams. Giving them long URL is a sure way of turning away most of these people as many may not even remember it or may just get bored typing the details. It is almost certain that it will discourage a new subscriber. On the other hand, a simple URL such as yourname.live makes it easy for anyone to get to your channel easily regardless of the gadget they are using. A simple .LIVE domain encourages your audience to take action without too much convincing, whether you are sharing your channel on social media or streaming live.

Redirecting is easy

Given the volatility of social media, there are high chances that the channel you choose for live streaming will easily lose popularity as others come up and grab the masses attention. When such happens, anyone visiting your page will still be able to access your streams through a .LIVE domain as it can be channelled to a new location easily.

.LIVE domain is very popular

Notable celebrities and business people like AJ Joshi and Joe Rogan among others have embraced .LIVE domain and are streaming on the platform. This is an indication that the use of URL forwards used to brand a channel will become the norm soon, given the early users of .LIVE are ushering the future ones. One can easily lead the way to a more user-friendly internet by using a .LIVE domain early enough.

Register your .LIVE domain now. There is no a better time

The .LIVE domain extension has really grown in popularity despite the service having been in existence for less than one year. A majority of people now appreciate the power of .LIVE domain for branding and have therefore gone ahead and registered domains that interest them. You should as well take this opportunity to register your name, business, and channel with .LIVE before your competitors do it.


Connecting a .LIVE domain to a live streaming channel is now very easy thanks to our Forwarding Tools. With the easy instructions provided in our forwarding tutorial, you will create a .LIVE domain unbelievably fast.

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