How to Get the Lowest Prices at GoDaddy

How to Get the Lowest Prices at GoDaddyYou will find lots of pricing tiers as well as discounts with GoDaddy. The best offer will depend significantly on your domain name portfolio’s size.

You need not pay any list price for registering domain names at GoDaddy in case you happen to be a domainer. (Or any other registrar in particular).

Because of the fact that lots of readers make use of GoDaddy, it appeared worthwhile to me to run down the different discount alternatives at the registrar.

As per the Domain Name Wire survey which was conducted last year, one of the most significant considerations while selecting a domain name registrar happens to be the price. Although GoDaddy does not often succeed on pricing, we have mentioned several ways below which will ensure that you aren’t overpaying.


You will come across lots of coupon-clipping domainers on the market and there are also quite a few useful GoDaddy coupons. For instance, you should obtain an advertisement link for a $.99 .com right now in case you search any major search engine such as Google for the term GoDaddy.

However, all these coupons usually consist of catches. In most cases they are going to work only for one particular registration and it is very hard to come across significant discount rates on renewals.
Of course, it is possible to game the system. There is even a man marketing a guide on eBay regarding the methods to obtain as much as 5 domains for only $4.31 each at GoDaddy. (Already 72 copies have been sold!).

However, let us be truthful. In case you do have a large portfolio, it’s a real pain and also not scalable. Although, this above mentioned guide was purchased by me in order to learn much more, the time which I invested for reading it and also following the entire process is actually much more as compared to the money which was saved.

Consider the cost of wasting your precious time going after all these coupons as well as offers. It isn’t just worth doing this until you receive some inspiration from being capable of gaming the system and unless you are simply attempting to register several names.

Bulk pricing

While purchasing or renewing more than five domains at any given time, all the customers are offered bulk discounts by GoDaddy. The pricing for the .com registrations as well as renewals will drop to $8.29 at the 100 domain mark which happens to be 100 in one transaction.

Although it is a great pricing which does match the other GoDaddy discount programs, it can be really difficult to meet the bulk thresholds. The regular bulk discounts are not going to save you as much as the other programs of GoDaddy unless of course you renew or register domain names in large amounts.

Premier Services

Lots of benefits are provided by the Premier Services program of GoDaddy which includes additional security, personalized management of accounts as well as discounted pricing.

You will require 250 domains in order to qualify for the Gold level and you must invest $5,000 every year at GoDaddy. You will receive .com domains for just $.0=99 at this particular level; however, you must contact the account manager for performing transactions so as to receive the discount.

You will also come across the Platinum level that does not feature any fixed requirement, however, is actually reserved for the important accounts as well as large portfolios. All these clients will receive the pricing for the Domain Discount Club very soon free of charge. This will enable them to take care of all the transactions on their own through the site.

Domain Discount Club

It happens to be a paid program which offers you discount rates on the purchases of domain names at GoDaddy which altered the pricing recently to $120 per year on its Domain Discount Club.

Special discounts on .com as well as almost all the domain names are provided by this program. The .com domains are actually priced at $8.29 per year with this particular program. Although this does match the bulk pricing, you receive the pricing even on one domain name.

Due to their high registration prices, the discounts on the brand-new TLDs could be substantial. Although, GoDaddy is not known to have the lowest pricing on brand-new TLDs, the pricing of the Domain Discount Club nevertheless appears quite good. I verified several domains which usually have more pricing on the new TLDs and discovered that the pricing of GoDaddy beat them.

An absolutely free membership of GoDaddy Auctions ($5 value) is also included with this discount program.

Learn how to save money and sell new domains like a boss with the Discount Domain Club

Which one is the best?

It is always recommended to qualify for GoDaddy’s Platinum level of the Premier Services which will provide you with a free Discount Domain Club pricing. However, the majority of the individuals will not qualify for it. It is possible to make a lucrative business by paying $120 per year in case you do have a decent portfolio and also qualify for the Gold Premier Service.


As asserted by numerous commenters, you may utilize your coupon power for getting a discount on the yearly fees of the Domain Discount Club which definitely helps to make it a much better deal.

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