How managed wordpress hosting is better than nn-managed?

managed-wordpress-web-hostingFor those individuals who know more about the WordPress, they will agree that it is indeed a living miracle of web technology. This will reveal the way technology has made life easier for the site builders who are seeking a professional website to be ready within the shortest time possible. Most of them are used to those methods that take a lot of time for a simple site to be ready. You will not only have your site build but you will also have a smooth ride along the way with the advanced features and platforms it has that allows you to update the content easily. The other methods you may be used to may be complicated and lack some useful features.

Why Is Managed WordPress the Best Option for the New Site Owners?

Since the internet users and the websites population increases, many people are choosing the use of WordPress as it is an easy alternative of website building where you will not waste your time and money to look for programmers. With other methods, you will be forced to take time looking for a programmer then pay a lot of money for the job done. Again in case of nay complication, you will still wait for the programmer to come and meet all the expenses. Despite the fact that it is very complicated behind the scene, the use of WordPress will make things easier for us. Getting a basic business site or a basic blog is not a hard job as anyone having the basic computer skills with little effort will be in a position to handle the task of building the first website. As you progress, the user level changes and becomes more complicated. This means that you may be easily stuck and you may need some professional assistance from the experts.
managed wordpress web hosting

What are the benefits that are associated with managed WordPress hosting?
Managed WordPress HostingHere are some of the key benefits you will get while making use of the managed WordPress hosting:
The support team will be in a position to get the basic WordPress setup for you. This means that when you sign in to your account, you will have everything ready so as to build your site. This is not like other sites where you will be forced to seek assistance elsewhere since there is no support team.

The new updates will be installed the moment they are available and this means that your WordPress will be always up to date. For other methods, you will continue using the old systems and you will miss the new features.

The web server managers will ensure that your site gets a reasonable speed which is the best and will share well the server resources so that your site will not lag behind and will therefore accommodate a lot of visitors. This is due to the fact that the loading of the site will be very fast and thus you will take to shortest time to tour you site.
Your website will also be optimized so that you will get the best page load times. This will in turn give your site a chance to appear in the first page of the web hosting companies or sites such as Godaddy and you will optimize the site traffic.

The use of the schedules WordPress will make sure that your important information are safe and you will not lose any previous website content which may be very important. The security of your data and important information is very important as if you will lose them, your site will be rendered useless.

A web server which is secured will ensure that you are protected from hackers and this will give you a chance to have a piece of mind since no one will ever access your private data such as emails.
You will have an instant full server support since when you are stuck; you will just call helpline or even submit a support ticket. This way, you will have your problem solved within the shortest time possible.

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Who Should Then Consider The Unmanaged WordPress Hosting?
There are some things you should know so as to consider this kind of WordPress hosting. There are the two things that should be under your control, first you should know about web design or have programming knowledge and the second important thing is time. Without the programming knowledge and you still prefer to use the un-managed service, you will need to have a team which is capable of handling your blog or website. In simple terms, you need time and the money. In fact the money that is saved in the process of switching from managed to un-managed can be used by someone to go somewhere!

The merits and the demerits of un-managed services
The non-managed WordPress will give you a chance to have a full control of your website. This means that you can troubleshoot to find the cause of the problem, spend time to solve the issues at your own time. This means that you will spend more time in fixing and after that you will focus on your own website.

The un-managed hosting will also save your money as it will cost less than the managed service.

There is the basic support from the host but when it comes to handling the critical issues, you will be at your own. This may be very challenging to most of the people who do not have the basic programming knowledge.

You will be required to update the WordPress manually at the same time take care of the website performance so as to ensure that you achieve a faster page loading time. Otherwise, it will take a lot of time and this may lead to delays.

There are no daily backups that are guaranteed. If there will be an emergency, you may lose some data or even all useful data and information. This implies that to avoid inconveniences, you will be required to have a manual backup. You should not forget to take backups in the process of making important changes to your website. The people who may not be aware of this will definitely lose data

Who Should Consider UnManaged WordPress Hosting?
If you have at least these two things under your control then you should choose Unmanaged WordPress, first is web design/ programming knowledge and second is time. If no programming knowledge but still prefer un-managed service then you need to create a team capable of handling your website or blog. In simpler terms you need Money and Time. So the money you save from switching to managed to unmanaged one will go somewhere!

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