How to migrate your existing WordPress site to GoDaddy?

The Possible Reasons Why Website Owners Often Migrate to Other Web Hosting Services

Migrate Your Existing WordPress SiteMost business owners would agree that website migration isn’t really new at all.
As a matter of fact, it’s not even a rare procedure anymore and most website owners are guilty of doing this, for the benefit of their company. This could happen for a number of reasons, resulting to unhappy members who used to trust the website. We’re here to discuss some of the most common factors why website migration takes place.

Frequent Downtime (Occurrence where the website is temporarily offline)
This is inevitable, because all web servers do require maintenance and the result, websites hosted on it would go down for a short amount of time. This could happen for a couple of hours every month.
However, if this becomes a regular occurrence, then the customer would lose his/her patience and would have thoughts of leaving the company for good. No one wants to stay on a server that’s usually down or not working.

Slow Servers
It’s never advisable to place a huge number of websites in a shared host. Doing so could result in a poor share of server resources to the individual websites, which could lead to slower page loading and frequent lagging during data retrieval. This would have a negative impact on website visitors, which would result in a lost, instead of a gain in your business.

Poor or Unprofessional Customer Support
A good customer relation is a must, especially in web hosting. This would give a positive or negative impact in your business, based on how they could assist your members. In any case that you fail to offer satisfactory support, then the customer wouldn’t have any second thoughts of leaving your business.

High Hosting Fees
Another reason why a lot of customers often move to other web hosting providers is because of the price, affordability, and promotion offers.
Oftentimes, they give new packages at a very affordable cost. This could actually lure people to become more interested and opt for these companies instead.
How to Migrate Your Existing WordPress Site to Go Daddy

Standard WP Migration Procedure

A Standard WordPress Migration involves these procedures:

Transfer WordPress Files
This is comprised of duplicating the files in your WordPress folder and transferring it from your old host, to a new one.

Migrate the WP MY SQL Database
In order to perform this, you must export the WP MYSQL data in SQL format first. It should be under the new host, and all you have to do is simply import it into the server. You can use PhpMyAdmin for importation and exportation of MYSQL data at a certain source and destination.

Reconfigure WordPress to Work with New Server
This step is usually done by updating the wp-config.php. In order to perform this, update the database name, password, and user information to match the new server.

How GoDaddy Transfers Your WP Website?

How Go Daddy Transfers Your WP WebsiteBefore anything else, you might sign up for a WordPress Managed Hosting account. After doing this, you should proceed to GoDaddy and complete your setup.
You’ll be directed to another page and would be asked to provide your existing website access information.
Usually, this includes WB control panel access info, database and ftp access.

This service is completely free and it’s a standard among all web hosts, because it’s a way to help the customers set up their site.
Likewise, this transfer would allow you to move your MYSQL database date, WP plugins, themes, videos, images, audio, etc., to your new web hosting provider.
The whole migration process wouldn’t even take much of your time either. It could be done after a few minutes, to a couple of hours, but nothing more.

Though, it’s still important to ensure that there would be minimum traffic lost and make it a point to save a whole website backup before initiating this move.

To perform migration, follow these steps:

  1. Custom plugin would be instantly installed on your WordPress blog, and this would help you with the migration process.
  2. All of your files, as well as folders must be copied from an existing site to GoDaddy using FTP file transfer.
  3. Your WP site would be activated through a temporary URL which you could connect to your domain.

Overall, all you need to do is sign up for a WordPress account and everything else would be done for you. Your WordPress site would be transferred to a new location with ease.

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