Multiple Domains and Why You Need Them

Multiple Domains and Why You Need ThemTo grow your brand and website, domains are a great necessity. They ensure easier access to your website by your customers. Visitors will be able to see more of your brand products. In return you will incur more sells generating more income.
l Domains(sTLD): monitored by private firms andHonestly, making more sales is the joy of every online entrepreneur. Domains have become an important factor in achieving that feat. Fortunately, there are no limitations on how many domains you are supposed to have. In fact, more domains are bound to increase the performance of your brand. With the current cut-throat competition in the world of business, domains are very essential. They will ensure your business website remains equally competitive. More visitations will be witnessed on your site generating more income.

Protect Your Brand

Protect Your Brand
In order to remain relevant in this competitive business world, you need to protect your brand name. Make sure it has a great reputation to attract more customers. Brand reputation is key to the success of any business. Unfortunately, continuous protection of your business identity is not that simple.
However, one of the ways of consistently protecting your brand is through using numerous domains. Multiple domains will prevent cases of your brand presence being hijacked. Owning multiple domains will help in directing your customers to the pages which contain the products they are looking for. As a result, it will improve your presence in the market. Furthermore, your Google rank will go up.

In the face of many competitors, there will be a lot of additional issues to deal with. Some of these issues include intellectual property destructions and trademark infringement. To avoid such occurrences, you will have to search for genuinely registered trademarks. Such trademarks can be found at Trademark247. It will protect you from brands intending to ruin your trademark. In return, your brand will remain consistent in the market. This will mean the attraction of more customers and increased sales.

Numerous Top-Level Domains

Numerous Top-Level Domains
Any business that decides to go online will require a top-level domain name. This domain will promote and expose the business in the best way possible.

Fortunately, registering a domain name is very cheap. With this provision, online business firms can register as many domains as possible. Due to increased business competition, owning more domain names is very important. It increases the ease of reach to your website.
However, there is a catch, your domains need to be very secure. So, do not shy away from spending extra money to protect your domains. It is worthwhile in giving your website the needed protection.

TLD represents the last part of any domain name. For, org, ebu, .net, edu, and biz.TLD in most cases describes the websites intentions. It shows whether it is an education, government or business-related website. In short, it reveals the geographical location and owner of the website. This is important in determining the origin of the website users are accessing. With a lot of ease, they will discover the mandate of the website.

Every TLD has a self-regulating registry, that is controlled by s certain organization. The TLD is governed in accordance with ICANN guidelines. ICANN stands for Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.

Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers is familiar with the following:

  1. Sponsored Top-Level Domains(sTLD): monitored by private firms and organizations.
  2. Country-Code Top-level Domains(ccTLD).
  3. Generic Top-Level Domains (gTLD). It is the commonly known type of TLD. It includes edu used by educational websites and .com used by commercial sites.
  4. Infrastructure Top-Level Domains: There is just one of this kind, it is arpa.

Begin right away to improve the reliability of your brand website. This you can do by buying a suitable domain name. Ensure it is one which will attract more customers to your website. Honestly speaking, it is worth every penny you will spend on it.

Domain Redirection

Domain Redirection
Redirecting customers to your website is one great approach to growing your brand name. It ensures your customers get to view the information you prefer. This is possible through redirection. In case there are many sites that are similar to your site, you can have them redirected to yours. This ensures you stay competitive and in control of your target market.

As a website owner, use domain redirection to your advantage. It efficiently improves your website visitation. Customers will be restricted to viewing content that you want them to see. Despite the increased competition you can still cope and remain relevant in your area of concern.

Rely on typos

At one moment you have experienced a typo. You have in a particular time typed something wrong in the search engine and it took you to a different place. In the domain name, typos are of great importance. Most people rely on typos in order to increase the visibility of their brand websites.
Fortunately, a number of website users have really benefitted from it. You can also capitalize on it in order to improve your rank on various search engines. It is worthwhile in order to generate more traffic and also earn you more income.

To make the most out of typos there are certain things you have to do. First, discern and add some keywords with commonly misspelled words. For instance, a domain with the word (the), can be registered under another domain name with (the) or (th).

Misspellings will direct customers to your website. It prevents sending these customers to competitors’ websites or 404 pages. In the event of typos, your target market will always find their way on your website. This is rewarding in that your website gets more visitation. More visitation means an increased generation of traffic. And as you know increased traffic not only improves your website rank but also earns you income.

GEO Targeting

GEO Targeting
As we all know, the major Search engines usually serve different results for the same keywords in different countries. Several factors are taken into account such as the language of the page, the IP of the server, the country code (.gr, .fr, .de) of the domain (ccTLD), the language of the websites that link to our domain, the settings in the Google Webmaster Console, the META-geo tags (supported only by Bing and Yahoo) and more.

Usually the best solution from the geographical targeting point of view is to have multiple domains. This method allows you to create different websites with the country code TLD of your choice (when there are no law restrictions), to use the META-geo tags, to have different servers around the world and to use IP addresses from the targeted country. If a generic TLD is used (.com, .net etc), you are also able to set the Geo Targeting from Google Webmaster Console. The second best solution is to have multiple subdomains and use META-geo tags, have different IPs and set the Geo Targeting from Google Webmaster Console. Finally by having Folders you can only use META-geo tags and Geo Targeting from Google Webmaster Console.


As a business person, you will want to be a priority to your target market. You will always want customers to consider you first when they want to buy products. This is possible by owning multiple domains. These domains need to contain descriptive keywords of the product or service you are dealing with.
Adhering to that increases the chances of being located by potential customers. More customers will visit your site to buy from you. As a result, your website visibility will increase alongside having an improved SEO rank.

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