name reviewBeing alive online or to establish yourself online can be hard thing to do. There are so many things that you need to take care for making a great online presence let it be through website or blog. Having a good domain name is a factor that can define success of a person online. The major question that arises here is the place where you need to register for your domain name. There are many different domain registrars available online and you need to choose the one that can provide you with great ease in making your online presence incredible. is such a great place where you can register your domain online. is the great place for you to buy domain or for transferring any domains. There are so many features and benefits offered by which makes it an appealing choice for most of the bloggers and website owners.

User Interface

The user interface provided by is really clean and do not cause any difficulty in using. There is no clumsiness or elements of difficulty with the user interface. If you are already used with the UI of some other domain registrar, then it may take some time for you to get used with this and enjoy using this UI. Buying domains from is a very easy affair which doesn’t include much amount of hassles.

There is nothing so much complicated and confusing in this like the other registrars like GoDaddy. It is easier for both getting in and getting out of this registrar. provides you not only with hosting but also with the products for Search Engine Optimization. These products of SEO are not found so appealing but the hosting offered by is worth trying and you may find the difference from the other domain hosting companies.

Domain Search offers you with a great user interface that can be used for domain search. If you are trying to find a single domain name in it can provide you with all the extensions that are already taken and not yet taken. You can make use of an icon of magnifying glass for getting more information of a domain which is really easier and convenient. There is also possibility for doing bulk domain – search using

IT is really much faster and can provide you with so much of extra features that are easier to be used. It would be good if the typeface is much bigger than what they have provided now for bulk domain search. You can make it zoomed and get your work done if you think that it is so small to be considered for the bulk search.

DNS Propagation

DNS propagation that is associated with the name servers are much fast and there is no need for you to wait for greater than 10 minutes and for changing the domain nameservers, you can either switch hosts or can park domains. also provide provision for making it easier for updating the multiple domain names with the usage of bulk management tool. There is also a provision for you get email when all the domains are propagated.

Domain Pricing

Domain Pricing
The general pricing for the .com or .net domains are 10.99 dollars and there is possibility for you to get the same domains in much reduced price of 10.25 dollars if you are making use of the monthly coupons. You can also get privacy or your domain if you are using the PRIVACYPLEASE coupon code in

It is necessary for buying the privacy separately of you have already used coupon for the domain name. The pricing page of the website can provide you with better idea of their pricing and price renewal policies that can help you in understanding how much exactly you need to pay. offers the cheapest everyday transfer with the pricing on the .Net domain in just 8.25 dollars. It can perform org transfer on 8 dollars. do not add the ICANN fee along with the domains. This can be of greater help for you because, you may need to pay a huge amount as fees if you are having so many domains in your name. This can be ignored if you are buying domains with also provides you with discount if you are having more than 25 domains in your name. You need to contact with the support team of the for making avail this discount and it will be known better about it only from this support team.

Additional Features has added a new and smart feature called Syn Domain expiration. This is a feature that can help you to stop worrying about the domain expiration date or the renewal date. This can help you in changing the domain renewal date of all the important domains of yours into a single day or someday near.

Namesafe security features of can be used by the Smartphone users who have domain with This app can be downloaded easily from VeriSign and then you have to associate the credentials of with it. When you use this app, the security of your account becomes better as when you are logging in you need to enter not only the username, password but also a security code that is randomly generated in about every 30 – seconds. This can help in keeping your account more safe so that no hacker can misuse your login information.

There is a traffic score tool and also the expiring domains tool that can help the individuals in finding out a domain that can be relevant for their website and can help them get a better online exposure. Email forwarding is another great feature provided them that is not associated with most of the other registrars.

Conclusion is a registrar of domain that you can choose for your website or blog due to the simplicity they provide. The domains are also available from them in reasonable price.

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