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namecheap-promo-code-renewal-coupons You wish to start your own blog or a website for your business? NameCheap ( is the ideal webhosting and domain registrar for you. NameCheap are famous for their great client services and their control panel is easy to use. It will offer you a domain at an affordable price. Other advantages of using NameCheap include:
User friendly – their control panel is standardized which makes it for clients easy to use and thus enabling them to manage their sites and blogs.

Experienced – as a domain registrar, NameCheap has been in existence for around ten years. They have a comprehensive interface that manages domains and which are easy to use. Customer support – they have experienced and knowledgable support staff that assist customers to satisfaction.
Reliable services – NameCheap has been around for a long period and that guarantees probable perpetuity of their services. They also have fast and extremely reliable webhosting servers.

User Interface

NameCheap user interface is widely recommended by its users since it has wide and useful video tutorials in their support section that directs users in managing and completion of tasks. The videos have large knowledgeable base and users can interact easily by asking questions and get relevant responses.

NameCheap puts users’ privacy first and has the best user interface that allows users to edit their settings.

Buying Domains

Purchasing domains via NameCheap is fast and easy. One can easily search for a domain name and directly transfer it into NameCheap. They have many upsells and this offers varieties of options. The shopping cart is easily laid out ready set and when you click “save” on the domain it is added into your window shopping list but that doesn’t mean you are purchasing it right away. Later on you can go through the list and move domains in the “saved” section into the shopping cart to purchase.

All this done on the base of affordability (is it pocket friendly?) and whether it matches the characteristics and features that you require in a domain.

Domain Pricing:

.asia $12.99 Check Availability
.biz $10.26 Check Availability
.bz $20.00 Check Availability
.ca $11.98 Check Availability
.cc $18.99 Check Availability
.cm $98.00 Check Availability
.co $12.88 Check Availability $6.58 Check Availability
.com $10.69 Check Availability
.de $8.40 Check Availability
.es $9.98 Check Availability
.eu $9.99 Check Availability
.in $8.69 Check Availability
.info $3.99 Check Availability
.me $8.99 Check Availability
.mobi $7.99 Check Availability
.net $10.69 Check Availability
.org $10.69 Check Availability
.tv $24.99 Check Availability
.us $7.99 Check Availability
.ws $14.99 Check Availability
.xxx $78.99 Check Availability

NameCheap’s domain pricing is a bit complicated and therefore it requires a close evaluation to understand it fully. It involves several categories that you can choose from. These categories include:

COM – in COM, there is Domain Registration that goes for $10.69 and it comes with a free Whois Privacy. However, domain renewal does not come with a free privacy package. They also come with a $9.61 coupons per year.

.NET/.ORG – the domain registration per year is worth $11.48 which includes free Whois Privacy but the domain renewal does not come with this free privacy. There are also yearly coupons of $10.16 that comes with both domain registration and domain renewal.

NameCheap usually offer monthly coupons that attract customers to use when purchasing, renewing or transferring domain names. For you to be updated on the NameCheap coupons, you can search NameCheap coupons, a site that gives information on the pricing of NameCheap coupons.

Whois Privacy comes free for the first year of domain registration or domain transfer. Thereafter, you will be required to make payments for NameCheap’s Whois Privacy subscription.

The Whois privacy subscription fee comes at an annual price of $2.88, but you can as well opt for a coupon code- WGSPECIAL–  that goes for 99 cents per year. This is a relatively reasonable price considering that some domain registrars will charge you well over $10.

Namecheap Promo Codes and Coupons:

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DNS Propagation

When you request for a domain name or for any of its records is sent to your local DNS server which in turn checks whether if it “recognizes” the IP address that the domain points to or if it is already has any of the queried records. If it does, then it gives you this information. If it don’t, then it sends the query to the root DNS servers.

DNS Propagation for NameCheap takes averagely 5-7 minutes and name servers update fast at a maximum span of 30 minutes at its slowest pace. This makes it preferable over other webhosting companies which takes at least five hours or even more. It allows you to do bulk DNS updates which is ideal and convenient if you are switching hosts or moving to a different domain providing company.

Carrying out bulk DNS updates is easier since it only involves you in selecting the domains you wish to update and clicking “edit selected” in the backend and put in your new name servers.

DNS Propagation for NameCheap does not require any special skills in networking and thus making it convenient for any user to do the updates.


There are various support tools for NameCheap. It comes with an online 24/7 chat service that you can access anytime you want. This means that you can interact with your fellow NameCheap users in case you want an issue sorted out. Moreover, it also boosts an email support that you can use to access NameCheap. However, phone service is not offered.

You will not need to get into contact with support team that much as domain names are not much complex. However, in case there is need to, you will find the support team much helpful since they have a wide knowledge base and are experienced which guarantees your satisfaction.


The some features offered by NameCheap such as URL forwarding, Marketplace as well as chat service, are quite convenient. You too will get a wide range of DNS management options which is unique and not found in other domain registrar freely.

NameCheap is also essential for their social welfare support on programs such as Electronic Frontier Foundation as well as their stand in the “Stop Online Piracy Act” which would have made it hectic for people to transact online transactions.

NameCheap is also recommendable since it is fully accredited as a domain name registrar by ICANN. However, all registered domains are managed under their Enom since NameCheap is an Enom Reseller.

NameCheap boosts very essential platforms such as user interface. This interface is very vital for NameCheap users especially beginners at it helps you maneuver through the site with ease. Name Cheap is easy to use and thus convenient for the less computer savvy.

Do you want a good domain registrar? Well, you don’t need to search any further. Name Cheap domain registrar is an ideal domain registrar. You will find it effective on several fronts such as an easy and accommodative user interface, reasonably and fairly priced as well as round the clock support services. You can therefore try out NameCheap Domain Registrar Company and enjoy high quality domain registration.

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