$1 Off NameSilo Coupons, Promo Codes February 2019

$1 Off NameSilo Coupons, Promo Codes

Latest NameSilo coupon codes for February 2019

Save $1.00 off on Total cost at NameSilo

.COM for just $5.89/year

you can register a new .ICU domain for $1.29 (regular price is $6.99).

.BIZ domain now just $9.99 !!

NameSilo Transfer Coupons

Discount on domain transfer (.Com $7.39, .Net $9.59, .Org just $9.79 …)

Extra $1 off if transfer away from GoDaddy !

Extra $1 off if transfer away from NameCheap !

Extra $1 off if transfer away from Domain.Com !

Extra $1 off if transfer away from 1and1.com !

Extra $1 off if transfer away from Name.Com !

Transfer a .Top at $5.99

$1.89 a .win, .bid, transfer to NameSilo.

Just $3.19 a .accountant, .faith, .cricket, .science, .loan transfer

Bring a .trade, .date, .download, .party, .racing, .webcam, .review, .stream to NameSilo at just $2.99

*Don’t forget that Namesilo’s pricing is already extremely low and all add-ons such as WHOIS privacy, email forwarding, enhanced security options and more are always 100% free

These are special coupons are offered only for www.newcoupon.net. Valid for NEW customers only. Each customer only used once coupon.

How use NameSilo coupon code ?

Very simple, just go to NameSilo, enter the domain you want registration, add them to Shopping Cart. Then paste coupon code to “Have a Coupon or Promotion Code?” section, click Submit. You’re Done.
How use NameSilo coupon codes
If you comparison the domain prices, NameSilo not is cheaper than GoDaddy (provide new domain just 99 cents but domain renewal prices at GoDaddy often very high if you do not use renewal coupon). But if attention, you’ll see the new registration prices with renewal prices at Namesilo often the same.
This means, if you only want buy new domain for one year use, you should choice GoDaddy, but if you have plans to development a website for long-times, i think you should choice NameSilo for saving cost.

Moreover, NameSilo offers LIFETIME free domain privacy with all domain names bought from them, free domain parking with you keep 100% of the earnings and many features below help you easy management all domains:

  • DNS Management Tools
  • Domain Forwarding
  • Registry Lock
  • Email Forwarding
  • Domain Defender Protection
  • Custom WHOIS Records
  • 2-Factor Authentication

Pricing Registration – Transfer – Renewal

Click here to get all domain prices at NameSilo and calculate how much you’ll save with them.


NameSilo coupon code
One of the initial key things to do when creating a successful website is choosing a great domain name registrar. For this article, therefore, we’ll outline several valuable tips on how to choose the best domain service for your domains purchases. In the end, we’ll show you why Namesilo is a perfect choice especially if you’re working on a tight budget.

Domain buying is, in most instances, compared to the process of buying a house. House buying process involves finding an ideal site on which your desired house will be built.
Besides, buying domains can also be likened to starting a new business venture where your choice of location determines the success of your business.

Once you’ve acquired your preferred domain, the next step is to look for a reputable web-hosting company to host your website. Are you looking for a hosting provider you can trust? Consider going for Aicheapwebhosting service. Below are some of the reasons.

Why Choose AiCheapWebHosting Service?

Aicheapwebhosting is a reputable web-hosting company that charges as little as $1 per month. For those venturing into business for the very first time, aicheapwebhosting could be an ideal option. Despite the low cost, the company also offers 100 GB monthly transfer. You will also enjoy the high speeds offered by this company’s servers.

Anyway, on to the business of the day. If you’re looking for an affordable, reliable domain registrar, you will need to consider Namesilo. Check out our unbiased review of the service below to help you understand how it can benefit your online business.

Unbiased Namesilo Review

Namesilo is a highly affordable domain registrar founded in 2009. The company’s key selling point is that it has some of the cheapest domain names rates in the market. The company has specialized in domain registration although it does not offer web hosting services.
However, there are plans by the firm to add web hosting services to their portfolio even though the project has not yet materialized.

The company is based in Phoenix, Arizona and is known for its trustworthy and highly reliable domain name services.

Namesilo boasts ICANN accreditation which is a sure indication of its outstanding service. Today, the company has a customer base of over 20,000 customers, with that number expected to rise to over 100,000 if the current growth trend is to go by.

Importance of ICANN accreditation

For a company to get ICANN accreditation, it has to follow various stringent rules and regulations imposed by the certification body. Namesilo went through a rigorous process to get the accreditation which means that it adheres to all the set out rules.

What You Get With a Namesilo Domain Service

Affordable and Stable Domain Prices

There are many benefits you are likely to enjoy once you use Namesilo’s services. For example, when you purchase your domains in bulk, you can enjoy discounts. The best thing, however, is the fact that domain prices are constant at $8.99 per year which is good for planning.
For instance, Namecheap offers coupons to lure customers who enjoy up to 30% discount for the first year but are forced to pay the full amount for the subsequent years. Namecheap sells domains at $12 per year which is much higher compared to Namesilo.
Lets compare Namesilo pricing with other Name Registrar

Domain Defender

This feature works in such a way that you cannot make any changes unless you answer five security questions. This feature is unique in that only a few domain name registrars come with such a security feature. With it, unauthorized domain transfers tend to be minimal, and you can thus be assured that your account is safe with Namesilo.


The company uses word of mouth to market their products. For instance, fullcontrolseo.com is a forum that’s responsible for aiding in selling the domain service. For those interested in learning more about SEO, the forum is also an ideal option.

WhoIs privacy protection comes free for life with Namesilo

This privacy protection feature allows you to hide your name and other personal details once enabled in your domain manager. The feature is also offered by Namecheap.com but only in the first year of subscription. Namesilo stands out from other competitors because it does not have upsells for instance domain privacy. The feature is a huge plus since it minimizes cases of your emails being directed to the spam folder of your client’s mailboxes. The feature is entirely free for Namesilo clients.

Buying domains in bulk helps you save

As mentioned earlier, Namesilo is one of the cheapest places where one can easily buy domain names and get discounts for bulk purchases. For instance, if you buy 5,000 domain names, you can get each at $8.39. You can then sell the same domain names at a higher price and make a kill.
Besides, you can also easily take advantage of the low prices and use the domain names to build your private network. It is a little-known secret that most large SEO companies capitalize on the affordable accounts to build their private networks.

Domain prices do not fluctuate

Fixed domain prices are what differentiates Namesilo from most other domain registrars. In fact, you do not need to sweat over finding a way to look for discounted rates. The prices hardly change and are thus clear to everyone.

For instance, if you buy a domain at a fixed price of $8.99, the price will remain the same every year.
However, you can use my one-dollar coupon here to have your price discounted by $1. This is different from how Namecheap and many other registrars operate where a change in price happens every year.

Forwarding of Emails

Email forwarding enables those who do not use email providers enjoy free emails forwards to their Gmail or Yahoo accounts. This is key especially if you’re looking to remain up to date with any communication coming from your readers. The feature is crucial for those who cannot afford premium email services.

DNS services are free

When setting up your DNS, Namesilo offers you ready templates which you can use to set the service right away. You will find 28 templates the service’s DNS management area for use in the following platforms:

  1. Blogger
  2. 22slides
  3. 4ormat
  4. Behance Prosite
  5. Cargo
  6. Google Apps
  7. DudaMobile
  8. Flavors.me
  9. Free Webstore
  10. Bandcamp
  11. Github
  12. Bit.ly
  13. Goodsie
  14. Zohomail
  15. Magento Go
  16. PhotoShelter
  17. Portfoliobox
  18. Shopify
  19. Site44
  20. SmugMug
  21. Tumblr
  22. Unbounce
  23. Viewbook
  24. Squarespace
  25. Virb
  26. Weebly
  27. ola
  28. Zenfolio

Besides, Namesilo is unique in that it is the only company that it offers an easy to follow domain name set up guide. DNS setup can be enabled using these ready templates that are offered freely by Namesilo.

namesilo dns templates

Namesilo is easy to use and fast

Namesilo as a domain name registrar is affordable and facilitates a very smooth domain transfer. The company is innovative and helps you save on many overhead operating costs. The domain prices are unmatched when compared with other domain registration companies.

$1 Aged/Expired Domains

Knowledgable webmasters understand the importance of buying old domain names and thus tend to target aged or expired domains. Some domain owners may auction their domains for reasons best known to them; whether positive or negative. The reason could be that they may want to change the domain name.
For bloggers, it is always critical to use an aged domain name.

There are various reasons why old or expired domain names are important. One such reason is that Google tends to trust old domain names more than new ones. Those who have dealt with SEO for long know this secret. So, if you’re looking for quick ranking on Google or any other SERP, consider buying the cheaper online domains that are up for auctions.

Fortunately, Namesilo has an auction site that sells aged domain names with some as old as ten years.
And the best part? You could get them for as little as $1. To check this, click on the service’s auction tab.

However, it’s important that you check whether a particular domain name deal is worth investing on or not. For this task, consider using tools such as Majestic SEO and Mathewwoodward.

Return on investment should be your guiding force when looking to buy aged domain names. ROI is important because some domain names may be expensive but the benefits outweigh the cost of purchase.

Free add-ons

It is important to mention that Namesilo offers the following add-ons for free

  • WHOIS privacy
  • Defender domain protection
  • Email forwarding
  • Custom WHOIS records
  • DNS management


Namesilo is an excellent platform to consider when seeking to shift to a more affordable domain registrar. The domain transfer services cost as little as $8.16 which is cheaper compared to other registrars out there. Besides, the process takes an average of 5-10 days.

Does Namesilo Provide Free SSL Support?

Unfortunately, Namesillo does not have SSL certificate. However, the service offers numerous alternatives that cover up this missing feature.

Verdict: Is Namesilo Worth Considering?

Absolutely. The service is one of the cheapest domain registrar you’ll find today besides being very reliable. We recommend that you try it today!

Anyway, on to the business of the day. If you’re looking for an affordable, reliable domain registrar, you will need to consider Namesilo. Check out our unbiased review of the service below to help you understand how it can benefit your online business.

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