Why you need to prepare for the .GAMES domain release

.GAMES domain nameA few days ago, the pre-registration period for the .GAMES domain was officially opened and will last only a few months before these domains are released to the general market. So, if you are an athlete, gamer, or just a sports enthusiast, this might be the ideal domain extension to look forward to.

How To Buy Your Preferred .GAMES Domain

During the Sunrise period, the only people allowed by the Trademark ClearingHouse to register exact match domains that match particular trademarks are those who already own those trademarks. So, if you happen to own a trademarked company, sport franchise, or console, this is your perfect opportunity to buy your favorite domain before anyone else does.

On the other hand, anyone that do not have a trademark for a domain will have wait a little longer to acquire the domain. However, you only have to wait until September 14 when the Early Access period for the .GAMES domain opens officially. During this period, you will be able to register your preferred domain before the masses are granted the opportunity to do so albeit at an extra cost. After a week (September 21st) the General Availability period will be up.

Who Needs a .GAMES Domain?

As mentioned earlier, a .GAMES domain is meant for anyone seeking to have a unique URL that speaks “sports and games”. As such, you may want to acquire this domain if you fall under any of the following categories.

1. Sports leagues

If your team participates in a local league, you may consider getting a .GAMES domain which you can use to set up an online presence for the team. Using it, you share your scores, find other recreational teams in your locality, or just use it to organize tournaments.

2. Twitch users and live stream enthusiasts

If you want to set up a video game streaming service for your fans and followers, getting a .GAMES domain will help you stand out from the rest. As such, you will be better placed to convince your fans to come back and watch your channel any time they need to stream their games. Beside, you can also get a memorable custom domain that users will easily remember.

3. Board game fans

If you have a passion for board games or possibly deals with selling board games as a business, you can also consider acquiring a .GAMES domain for your website.

4. Professional gamers

Do you play games for a living? Well, why not develop your personal brand using a recognizable .GAMES domain? With this domain, you can easily set up a nice website for yourself or even forward it to a streaming channel.

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