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Network-Solutions-riviewNetwork Solutions is an innovative and unique hosting service provider. The company has taken an A La Carte approach to hosting services. While most other companies offer fixed web hosting packages with specific and limited flexibility, Network Solutions provides you with the opportunity to choose a web hosting plan and add-ons according to your needs and requirements. With a customized packages, you enjoy numerous benefits.

Currently Network Solutions offers three different web hosting packages. Each one of these packages can be customized by adding some extra products or services. The company also provides different kinds of hosting, including Unix and Windows hosting. It also offers VPS dedicated web hosting, and WordPress web hosting for blogs.

Most customers like the flexibility of the service. You can easily pick and choose the services you want.

However, when you compare these services to other web hosting service providers, you might feel a bit skeptical. Under the large and small plans, FTP accounts, email boxes and disk space are capped.

But all these components are unlimited under the premium plan. Even this plan is quite affordable, and allows you to save a good amount of money.

Network Solutions offers most features webmasters keep looking for, including access to website statistics, control panel, easy to use website builder and more. These features help you create professional looking, polished websites. The hosting service also offers some excellent, robust email features. You also get raw access logs to notice raw data without any confusing graphs or charts.

Network Solutions is a very easy to use and convenient service. The website is well organized, easy to navigate and polished. Webmasters are also able to manage the web hosting accounts without any problems. The Toolbox provides you with access to numerous hosting tools, options and features provided under the selected package. All the tools have been broken into different categories, like FTP, Content Publishing, Site Enhancements and more. You can also see useful descriptions and icons to help you understand and find relevant categories.

In terms of customer support: Network Solutions is one of the best hosting services. Whether you need technical support or answers to your queries, Network Solutions allows you to reach qualified representatives via numerous options, including toll free telephone support, online ticket system, email support and more. The company also provides both support and sales toll free numbers for every service and product it offers. Technical support is available to customers round the clock. Employees are also informative, friendly and helpful.

Just like other companies: Network Solutions also comes with a few drawbacks. When it comes to domains, the premium package is not unlimited. The hosting service provider helps you compensate for the deficiencies with exceptional customer support options, intuitive ease of use and flexibility. In addition to this, the company also offers the most number of services from any hosting service provider. With such a wide range of services, Network Solutions definitely has an edge over competitors.

Brief Overview of Network Solutions

  • In the last few years, the Internet has evolved. Thus, the playing field has been leveled for numerous small business organizations. Regardless of the size, a small business organization can use the Internet to gain many benefits that were once enjoyed by only big businesses. Companies can reach customers around the world. The Internet allows you to capture many different opportunities.
  • Network Solutions focuses on helping small business organizations set up and marketing their services on the Internet. This enables companies to realize their dreams of entrepreneurship, self reliance, financial independence and creativity. Network Solutions has pioneered the skills for acquiring and creating specific web addresses.
  • The company offers a wide range of Internet-based services. In addition to domain name registration, Network Solutions also offers web design and hosting, online security products, ecommerce solutions, search engine optimization, search engine marketing and more.

Why Choose Network Solutions?

  • Network Solutions has over 30 years of experience. The company uses its vast experience for providing customers with affordable and simple plans to manage a web presence. The company has been offering services to customers around the world. It manages over 7 million domains, 350,000 websites and 1.5 million e-mailboxes.
  • While Network Solutions offers technical services, it can even keep non-tech savvy customers satisfied. Keeping customers satisfied is one of the most important qualities of the company. In fact, the company has also won numerous awards and honors for providing exceptional customer service to its customers. It won’t be wrong to say that Network Solutions provides customers with everything they need to establish and manage a strong web presence.

Understanding of Small Business

  • Network Solutions perfectly understands the needs and requirements of small business organizations. Since the company has been operating a small business organization, it experienced similar challenges and problems in the initial stages. Network Solutions has been asked the same questions and faced the same struggled that are experienced by almost every small business organizations.
  • Although the company has grown in the last few years, it has not forgotten what it’s like to be a small business organization. The company has stuck to its roots, and provides the most affordable and effective services for small business organizations. Most importantly, there’s not a single company that offers the kind of services Network Solutions offers. You can rely on Network Solutions for building your web presence, domain registration, online marketing and more.
  • The company has always been dedicated to provide customers with the best hosting services. Network Solutions tries hard to make sure small businesses succeed online. This has been the company’s mantra.


  • Network Solutions is owned by General Atlantic. It is a leading growth equity firm that provides strategic and capital support for business organizations. The company combines a sector specific expertise, collaborative global approach, deep understanding of growth and long term investment opportunities to partner with exceptional management and build fruitful businesses around the world.
  • The company’s affordable and effective services have turned it into a leading web hosting service provider. Whether you’re looking for basic web hosting or premium plans, Network Solutions offers customized packages according to your needs and requirements. In order to build and strengthen your web presence, Network Solutions will be your best choice.

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