5 examples of .NINJA domains in action

NINJA domainBy now, you possibly have already come across the current favorite New domain- the NINJA domain. The domain is quite memorable and can be used in various ways. In this post, we outline five notable real-life examples on how you can use the NINJA domain for your online business.


Battery.ninja is a popular business involved in testing and comparing performances of different brands of batteries. The website uses creative charts to display these batteries’ performances while also providing additional information regarding the batteries. The website is a joy to visit.


Blackninja, a popular web design and service company, has been using black .NINJA domain for their website. Some of the high-profile clients that Blackninja serves include Coca-Cola, Avantia, and Kimberly-Clark. On their website, Blackninja presents information about the company where prospective clients can learn about them.


Escape.ninja is a Seattle-based online business that deals in selling tickets. While the actual name of the business is Ninja Escape, choosing the domain escape.ninja makes the website even more memorable.


Fontface Ninja is a handy browser extension aimed at helping designers identify and purchase fonts they see on other websites. You can also use this extension to hide images on these websites which then allows you to view the particular fonts on a clearer, blank background. The extension is available freely and can be used on Chrome, Safari, and Firefox browsers. To visit the provider, you can use fontface.ninja URL path which is quite easy to remember.


David Ka, a top German-based art director, copywriter, and advertising guru, uses the domain theadvertising.ninja for his portfolio. The website has unique features and is beautifully created. Users will particularly love the creative View My Legend section.

So, do you have a .NINJA domain for your online business or already using it as part of your business name? If you’re yet to acquire one, this is an excellent time to consider the domain for a unique online presence.

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