4 Reasons Why You Should Renew Your Domain for Longer Period of Time

Renew Your Domain for Longer Period of TimeA great proportion of those owning domains renews them annually. It may seem cost effective and convenient but is it actually better? You can register your domain for one to ten years. Renewing them for longer has several advantages that are discussed below.

Saves time and money

The price of renewing your domain is likely to change per year. When the change occurs, that is usually an increase in price; you will end up paying more. It is normal to compensate the increase in price by passing the burden to your customers. In the long run, you end up losing many of your customers.
When registering your domain for say ten years or even six, you insure yourself against the risk of a rise in price. This way, you will have saved more if the prices would have increased in future. Also, if the prices wouldn’t have, you have nothing to lose since you would have paid the same amount. Moreover, if you own a number of domains and you renew them for a long duration there is probably going to be a discount offered. Be sure to inquire.

Ensures you retain your domain

It is human nature to be forgetful and your domain is not safe from this either. You may forget to renew your domain or the credit card you had signed up with may end up being invalid. The domain will end up being snapped and you will be charged a lot of money to get back your domain. Renewing for a longer period other than annually saves you the risk of losing your domain.

Prioritize your domains

You may own many domains such that you are not sure which you would rather renew for long. Look at your domains and find out which you would prefer running for long. You can then keep renewing it.


When it is almost time to renew your domain, most of the registrars will keep emailing you about it. Well, it can be annoying at times. For this reason, you can easily avoid the nagging by renewing your domain for a longer period.

Google preference
Especially for SEO, domains that are registered for long appear legit. It is considered the owner of the domain is serious in it since he has invested in it. This is as opposed to spam sites that run for a short time and the n close due to their decrease in rank because they become poor quality sites with poor quality links and texts.

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