A detailed review of GoDaddy online store

E-commerce has grown in popularity in the recent years which is why there are numerous e-commerce sites these days. One of the core components of such sites is having an online store that helps to enhance the overall user experience.
There are numerous online stores in the market today, but we’d like to have a closer look at one of the most outstanding of them- the recently launched GoDaddy online store. In this post, therefore, we’ll review this store to determine its strengths, weaknesses, and all top features worth mentioning. Let’s go.
GoDaddy Online Store

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GoDaddy Online Store Review

A quick guide on how to launch your online store

1. Add your product + attractive images

  • This should come after you’ve updated your business profile. Simply, you’ll need to briefly describe your products while also adding about ten attractive images for every product.

2. Select your modes of payment

  • There are several viable options out there, so take your time to determine the most suitable ones for your online business.

3. Select your shipping options

  • There are various shipping methods available for you, both for domestic as well as international shipping. For example, you can choose between flat rate shipping, free shipping, or even Weight-based shipping.

4. Choose your preferred design

  • Go for your most appealing professionally designed theme. Add your business logo and use distinct colors and fonts to make your site unique.

5. Launch the store

  • Your store is now ready for launching. As such, you can now sell products from your unique store.

A Detailed Review of GoDaddy Online StoreEditor Reviews:

Key Features of the GoDaddy Online Store

Numerous templates available

It’s a no-brainer that having the right template for your e-commerce site is crucial in enhancing its success. As such, GoDaddy provides you with a wide variety of templates from which you can choose. You’ll have over 300 templates to select from which makes this online store one of its kind. These templates are categorized based on aspects such as colors, navigation features, general features, and styles.

Resourceful “Page Help” tab

This is perhaps the smartest of all features GoDaddy has included in its online store. As such, this tab is beneficial for starters looking to launch their first online business. It offers priceless tips, steps to follow, as well as crucial strategies to employ for more success online.

Excellent reporting capabilities

Feedback is regarded as one of the most important things any online business owner can ask for when running their e-commerce site. This entails getting information on what your customers are mostly searching for and their areas of concerns. In the case of GoDaddy Online Store, this feature is well catered for which means you’ll easily get crucial information such as sales charts, financial information and reports, etc. This is arguably one of the most helpful feature you’ll get with this online store.

GoDaddy online store is capable of seamlessly handling various specific demands

These includes demands and other user needs such as consumer feedback, reports, etc. All that is needed is for users to specify their dates which prompts the store to generate filtered reports that are compatible with either desktop or mobile devices. This way, users can enjoy a well-organized working protocol that promises more business success.

Unlimited bandwidth and storage space

GoDaddy Online Store offers some of the most amazing features in the form of unlimited bandwidth and storage space. The infinite bandwidth is particularly a great resource for business owners with expansive businesses. Besides, it’s also a great feature for new online business owners looking to grow their business rapidly.

Mobile optimized themes

In a world where smartphone usage is the order of the day, it’s only logical to have them in mind and ensure they can access your online store from their handsets. For this reason, GoDaddy offers numerous templates that are designed to cater for mobile users. As such, you’ll be guaranteed of clearer images, amazing designs, and great templates that come with top features and which fit perfectly with smaller screens.

Outstanding customer support

GoDaddy has always been a reputable company whose customer support is regarded to be one of the best in the industry. With their newly launched online store, you do not expect anything different especially when having issues with your payments systems or a difficulty understanding how to navigate your site. As such, the company offers outstanding customer support through their ever-caring staffs that are always ready to assist where needed.

A simplified working system

In any business, two factors that often contribute most to its success are efficiency and simplicity of the working systems. GoDaddy has perfected on these two fronts which is why it’s arguably the most popular e-commerce site all over the world. The templates offered on the site are both clean and sharp which is exactly what great startups and small businesses need.

A few downsides of the GoDaddy Online Store

As is the case with all other e-commerce stores, GoDaddy also has a few of its own.

Relatively more expensive

This is perhaps the top drawback you’ll note when using GoDaddy Online Store. Its subscription costs are a little higher than your normal online stores in the market. However, you have to admit there are additional premium features included in this store which makes it better than its cheaper alternatives.

Additional transaction fees

GoDaddy online store charges a certain fee for any of transactions conducted on its store which is a deviation from what other e-commerce sites do. This adds up to its fees thereby making it even more expensive than others.

Alters image quality depending on fee paid

GoDaddy online store restricts users to using images of particular qualities depending on how much they have paid for in their subscription. Those who pay higher amounts are therefore allowed to use better quality images than their counterparts paying lower fees. This can be a disadvantage to some users considering that the success of online stores tend to rely heavily on image qualities.

Final thoughts

Operating an online store calls for lots of patience and attention to details. However, GoDaddy online store helps simplify the process for you especially if you’ve only started out with your online store. Overall, this is an excellent site that offers top features while also promising a superb working efficiency for your online business.

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