How to set up GoDaddy email on droid?

How to Set Up GoDaddy Email on DroidIn today’s world, most people opt for Android phones, such as the “Motorola Droid,” which they could also use in accessing their email, specifically with their Gmail accounts.

Though, are you also aware that Android phones also have a ‘vanilla email client?’
This feature allows the users to access any email service, such as GoDaddy’s SecureServer email, even when they’re just using their phone.
However, even though the vanilla client isn’t as feature-packed as the Gmail application you’ve grown to love, you could still say that it’s as good as the built-in email solutions available in iPhone, WebOS platforms, and Windows Mobile.
All you need is your email, and website login details to finish the setup- and you’re all set!

Here’s a quick tutorial that will allow you to do just that.
Step 1:
Begin by turning on your phone and press the “Home” button. You’ll be redirected to the App Drawer. Choose “Email.”

Step 2:
Upon clicking “Email,” press the “Menu” button and choose “Accounts.”
Then, press the “Menu” button again and click, “add account.”
Note: If this is the first time that you’ve used a non-Gmail account, no need to follow this step.

Step 3:
Input your email address, your GoDaddy domain, and your password in the respective fields. Tick the box beside “Send email from this account by default.”
After that, click “Manual Setup.”

Step 4:
Select “POP3” account and input your email address, as well as your password in the respective fields.
Also, type “” in the server field (POP3).
In the port field, input “995” Proceed by clicking “Security” and select “SSL.” Click “Next.”

Step 5:
In the SMTP field, input “” and in the port field, “465.” Click on the “Security” then “SSL.” Click “Next.”

Step 6:
You’re almost done.
Now, you need to select the time duration between server checks. Lower times indicate that the email would come faster, and vice versa.
Click “Next,” and enter “GoDaddy.”

Though, you could also use whatever name you want to identify your account. Also, enter your username in the name field and you’re done.

How to Set Up GoDaddy Email on Droid

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