How to setup mobile URL with GoDaddy?

Go Daddy has a for a while been building out its domain registering and hosting business into business services .In fact, it is the world’s largest domain provider and it is well known to provide not only quality domains that are reliable by they do so at an affordable price. So how can you set up a mobile URL with Go Daddy? If you have always asked yourself that question, then you are in the right place because in this article, we are going to give step by step tutorial on to set up a custom mobile domain.
setup mobile url

Step 1: Add your custom domain.
For you to be able to set up a custom domain, you first need to add your custom domain like in the dashboard. After that, you need to login to Go Daddy and set up canonical (CNAME) record. Canonical name actually means according to rules but in a more easy term it is actually a short cut to the address of your new mobile website. You have the liberty to set up as many CNAMEs as you want like but m is mostly used.

Step 2: Set up a custom mobile domain.
The next that you are required to do is to set up a reliable custom domain such as in the bMobilized Dashboard then you click manage and add then click save to active.

Step 3: Login to Go Daddy
After you have successfully activated your account, the next step is to go to your Go Daddy account and login your username and password then click my account and select domain.

Step 4: Select your preferred domain.
Open list of domains that you see and select the domain that you like and wish to configure.

Step 5: Launch the zone file editor.
Go to the domain details page and launch the DNS manager section by clicking launch link which is located just under the DNS manager.

Step 6. Add CNAME
Scroll down the zone file editor until your reach the CNAME section then click the quick add button located just under the CNAME section. Enter m as host and point it to The TTL can be save to 1/2 hour so that it can update quickly. It will then be save when you are done writing.

Step 7. Test your new mobile domain.
To set your new mobile domain, just enter in your browser and wait for it to load. However, it is important to note that theses changes normally take an hour to propagate but in some cases, it may take even more than 48 hours to take effect.

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