Shared vs Managed WordPress Hosting

Shared vs Managed WordPress HostingIn any online business, web hosting plays a crucial role. The visitors to your site are always on the lookout for a website that is fast and secure therefore meeting their needs effectively. It is paramount to choose a hosting plan that will help you get maximum profits for the business.

This article will delve deeper into shared and managed WordPress hosting and bring out the comparisons. The article will look at issues like the benefits you get by using managed WordPress hosting, the costs related to switching from shared to managed plan and if it is worth the investment. The article will also look deeper into some of the best providers of managed WordPress hosting services.

General Overview: Shared vs Managed Hosting

The two hosting services both play the same role, that of hosting websites and WordPress. Shared hosting services are the cheapest in the market regardless of the function they are performing, either of hosting sites or WordPress.

Managed hosting services on the other hand cater for a niche market that of the high-end customers. The services offered by managed hosting are customized, and their services are not only superior but advanced in all aspects, unlike the shared hosting services. As such managed hosting tends to be more expensive than the shared hosting services.

The Cons of Using Shared Hosting

Bad neighbor-effect is brought about by the business model of shared hosting. The effect is as a result of one server offering services to hundreds or sometimes thousands of users. This business model ends up sharing costs across multi-users, and hence, the cost of doing business is reduced significantly. The cost reduction rolled over to the clients hence the cheaper rates.

All the users of the shared hosting plan are given a small proportion of the available fixed memory in the server. There are those unscrupulous users who might use more than their share of this facility. The effect is such that all the other users will be affected, and the whole system will change maybe thousands of other users. Other sites may experience slow loading or complete failure to load.

The accounts not only share memory but other resources like the bandwidth, storage, and processing power among many other resources.

The technical team of the hosting provider may not have power over some occurrences that are affecting the server. For instance, one of the users or several users may have an enormous traffic visiting their site, and the host is rendered helpless in such a scenario.

Shared hosting servers are not reliable. The reason they are not reliable is because the insufficient resources have to be shared amongst a big number of clients. The users not only use WordPress but a host of other applications. The slow pace of loading at the shared hosting servers is not something many customers are happy about in the end.

The Pros of Using Managed Website Hosting.

Managed WordPress hosting is not only fast but also offers a host of other benefits that you are likely to enjoy.

Lightning speeds

Managed hosting servers key specialization is the WordPress. So their software and hardware are such that they are geared towards a particular need, unlike shared hosting servers which are a jack of all trades pertaining to hosting services.

Managed hosting has all it takes to run WordPress hosting, for instance, the server-level caching that runs versions of PHP, MySQL, and Apache optimally. The configuration of these servers is such that they are configured individually to run optimally.

Managed WordPress hosting not only saves page load speeds but also saves time. For instance, the time saved is an average of 1-2 seconds. To many it might seem like a drop in the ocean which is not the case as those online websites that sell their wares online; a second delay could lead them to make significant losses running into thousands of dollars.

Regardless of how small your client base is, high speeds internet connectivity are paramount to the success of the company. For instance Google does not just rank web pages, it takes into consideration very many factors like the speed of your web page among other many factors. When clients can access your web pages hustle free, they are usually delighted by the fast speeds, which in turn may translate into more sales.

Security is Top Notch

When running security checks, shared servers run necessary security checks at once to detect any malware in their servers. The security sweep does not target any individual client but is for hundreds of clients. Chances of having some unknown security threats are high. The case is not the same with managed WordPress hosting. Security checks are run on individual servers because it is specialized to cater to individual clients.

Managed WordPress security checks are in-depth and they carry out security protocols, unlike the shared ones. Malware scans are performed daily to keep off cyber threats like DDos attacks.

Hacking is a common occurrence especially to established websites and servers but having a personalized web hosting solution goes a long way to help your company up and running for a short while because detecting and coming up with solutions is almost instant.

Backup features

Back-up services are imperative to any organization. Loss of data has rendered many a company in issues with the law and also to the client. Managed hosting not only carries out automatic backups of data but offers easy to follow steps in case of data retrieval.

Shared hosting services also provide automated backup services, but it is on a shared platform. Data damage and loss are always a possibility. Retrieval of the data if you ever need it is a tough task because you have to deal with the fact that very many websites are sharing the same backup services.

Managed hosting servers are just the way to go because with just a click of a button all the data goes back online within seconds.

Updates are Automatic

With managed hosting services, there is dedicated pool of professionals that deal with the server. The running of the server is always at peak at all times with the automatic updates covering the operating system, my SQL, PHP and the WordPress.

These updates are essential to the efficient running of a server because they offer the latest, secure and stable versions of what the marketplace has to offer regarding servers.

Shared hosting, on the other hand, runs automatic updates but not on an overall level like that provided by managed hosting services. Some of the automatic updates run by shared hosting services are the Apache, my SQL, operating system and the control panel. The automatic updates do not take care of WordPress, which is key, and you are required to carry out the updates personally which is a tough task.

As mentioned earlier, a shared hosting provider has hundreds of clients to take off if not thousands. Therefore, when making decisions about how to implement a certain objective, it touches on all customers in that server. Lack of specialization on one client may lead to unsatisfactory services because different customers have different needs, and one solution may not work for everyone. Some applications do not run efficiently because of this fact.

World Class Support

There are dedicated expert support staff at a majority of managed hosting premises. The support they give is tailored to your particular needs. The reason for this is because you are the only client on their server and not hundreds or thousands that need different support. Some of the responses you get from the shared hosts are the classical responses everyone is getting especially as pertaining the problem you are enquiring. They may have deduced the answers out of FAQs from their numerous clients.

Managing hosts are superb at answering questions or dealing with issues arising from using the WordPress. They can tell the versions you are using and the plugins you have installed. They are the managers of your servers, so nothing passes their scrutiny.

Scales Well and High Uptime Levels

Managed hosts allow more visitors to your site, unlike the shared ones. Though this is not the norm because some providers like WPEngine has limits to the number of visitors depending on your payment plan.

Another key feature to note is that some managing hosts sometimes run their system on a shared hosting platform. The number of users is fewer compared to those who are officially on an entirely shared hosting platform. There are those resources that managing hosts feel they are better shared. The neighbor effect is rarely experienced because of the few users available, the expert advice and maintenance is still top notch. The level of uptime is always superior in comparison with a fully shared hosting arrangement.

As much as the plan are tailored to meet your current need, sometimes your needs may change, and you may need to upscale to a higher and better plan. Managed hosting experts are always on the lookout, and they will always inform you whenever you need to upscale to a better hosting plan.

Cons of Using Managed WordPress Hosting

Before making the final decision to buy the managed WordPress hosting package, it is important to have an idea of the cons you are likely to encounter along the way.

The Price is Always Higher

Managed WordPress hosting is always on the higher side largely due to the numerous benefits that come with this hosting services. If you are running a small business, a small blog or a no- profit blog, it is important to stick to the shared platform. But on the other hand, if you are purely on online business and your website attracts massive traffic, you are better off on a managed platform.

The lowest level of managed WordPress hosting starts from as little as $30 a month. Though this platform is on a shared basis, the bad neighbor effect is at a bare minimum.

As you order for more expensive managed WordPress hosting plans, it gets much better. The servers allow more traffic and them performance are much higher. The bad neighbor effect is whatsoever, not experienced and the virtual private servers even make it a better option. The plan starts from $160-$250 every month.

There are those who started on a shared platform from the beginning. If you feel that your needs are changing, and you need a managed WordPress hosting plan, it is always imperative to first of all discuss it with the hosts technician and ask for an upgrade instead of an overhaul of the whole website.

Plugins are Limited

For security reasons and the fact that managed WordPress hosting providers perform different tasks at the server level, the host may disable usable plugins. It may not be appealing to most clients but the way they handle some of the tasks performed by plugins is much better than the plugins.

Infrastructure is not flexible

WordPress can only be used on managed hosts. Most customers find it limiting because running some other systems e. g Drupal, Magento, or Joomla on the same server is not often possible.

Below are the hosting companies that offer the best managed WordPress hosting services


WPEngine is perhaps the most modern and popular provider that deals with managed WordPress hosting. They have different packages that caters for different clientele. The entry level clients pay a minimum of $29 monthly. This package allows them to have 25,000 visitors a month and many other benefits. The highest rate is $400 per month and this allows the clients to experience top notch services, and the visitors can be as many as millions per month.


The company was created with designers and creative agencies in mind. As such it is very popular with web creators. They have readily designed web pages that you can use, and they bill you much later.

The host does not share servers with other users. Therefore, the bad neighbor effect is never experienced at the flywheel.


Pagely provides WordPress hosting to enterprises. Their entry level is as low as $24 a month. Their services cater to businesses, and most people find it ideal. It also offers free site migrations up to two times for a cost as low as $64.

Managed Hosting Service Companies To Avoid


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The hosting site does not make WordPress its top priority and as such, the features are of poor quality.


The company has some bad reviews and as such it is not advisable to use their services.

Media Temple and DreamHost

Regardless of how big these two companies are, they have not upgraded with time. This means that they have not bettered their services to meet the current crop of WordPress enthusiasts.


All the companies recommended above have specialized in WordPress hosting. This specialization has made them better at the services they offer. The future may hold some surprises and maybe some of the companies that have not embraced WordPress hosting as a priority may end up changing their approach.

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